For Saturday 4/19/08

As-salaamu `alaykum, yaa Jamaa`ah



—Have memorized the 17 Integrals of the Prayer–know five Sunnahs of the prayer

—Review proofs for the existence of the Creator AND that the world must necessarily have a beginning


Understand the priciple of why one is not required to “prove the negative” in court–and the principle of the “burden of proof”

New fallacy: Amphiboly (a statement that can be misunderstood because of its grammatical construction)



Verbal Advantage Vocabulary LEVEL 2


41. cursory:

42. vacillate:

43. clement:

44. lucrative:

45. allocate:

46. reconcile:

47. paragon:

48. analogous:

49. diurnal:

50. pretext:




(from the previous weeks):

Level 2

21. haggard:

22. waive:

23. carnal

24. sanction:

25. ambiguous:

26. spendthrift:

27. mollify:

28. unequivocal:

29. malleable:

30. verbose




31. transcient:

32. nettle:

33. repudiate:

34. impetuous:

35. frugal:

36. assuage:

37. corroborate:

38. embellish:

39. avaricious:

40. incongruous:



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