Review: Lesson 11/29/09

Summary of Brilliance of Minarets:

Yusuf, 21: “The Will of Allah prevails in every matter.”   That is, nothing prevents the fulfillment of Allah’s Will 

Al-Qamar, 49: “Certainly all things are created according to Allah’s destining.”

Hadith Qudsi: “Allah revealed to the Prophet: ‘O Muhammad, if I [Allah] decree a matter, it will not be stopped.'” (Muslim related)

Hadith: “Maa shaa’ Allahu kaan, wa-maa lam yasha’ lam yakun.” (Whatever Allah has willed to be shall be, and whatever Allah has not willed to be shall not be.)  (Abu Dawud related)

Hadith of Jibreel: “Imaan (Faith) is to believe in Allah, the Angels, the Sacred Books, Messengers, and Judgment.  And the belief in Destiny–both the good and the evil.”  (Imaam Muslim related)

Al-Insaan, 30: “You do not will anything except what Allah has willed.”

Saying of Imam `Ali when he was questioned about the matter of Qadar (Destiny):

Imam Ali: “The human has a will, but he does not do anything independent of Allah’s Will.”   (At-Tabaraani related)


Other points:

Explain what is some of the wisdom in Allah creating the evil

Explain what is meant by injustice and why it cannot be ascribed to Allah






Other key points:

Hadith: “Allah facilitates a path to Paradise for the one who takes a path to seek knowledge.” (At-Tirmidhiyy)

Al-An`aam, 110: “Allah directs their hearts and sights.”

As-Saffaat, 96:  “Allah created you and what you do.”

Hadith: “Allah is the Maker [Creator] of every maker and what he makes.” (Ibn Hibbaan related)

Al-Israa’ 85: “Only Allah knows the reality of the soul.”

Al-Mulk, 10: The disbelievers will say in the Hereafter: “If we had listened and used our minds, then we would not be among the denizens of Hell.”


Also review the following:

Abu Hanifah versus the Deniers of Destiny (Qadariyyah)

 He said:

1.     Didn’t Allah know what the slaves [e.g., the human beings] are going to do before creating them?

 He said they have to say, “Yes.” Because if they say, “No,” then they are declaring their blasphemy, because they are attributing Allah with ignorance.

 He continued to say to them:

 2.     Did Allah will other than what He knew would happen.

He said if they say, “Yes,” then again they are declaring their blasphemy, because they are claiming that Allah willed to be ignorant, and if they say “No,” then they are agreeing with us.

 (In other words: Allah did not will something contrary to what He knew would occur.  Allah knows about everything that will exist and will not exist.  And everything that exists happens in accordance with His Knowledge and Will.)

 Imam Ash-Shafi^iyy’s argument:

 القدري إذا سلم العِلمَ خُصم

 “If the Qadariyy accepts that Allah is Omniscient [All-Knowing], then he is defeated.”

Be prepared for another quiz on Saturday (I was VERY disappointed with the results of the last quiz).

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