Lesson 12/05/09

Know the following:

Al-Ma’idah,120: “To Allah is the Dominion of the Heavens and Earth and what is in them; and Allah has Power over all things.”

Adh-Dhariyat, 58: “Certainly Allah is the One Who Provides and is attributed with the Perfect Power.”

Explain how the Verse, Aal ^Imran, 97, can be used as a proof that Allah exists without being inside of a place.

Know the meaning of the Name of Allah, Al-Ghaniyy

Also, Al-Ankabut, 6 (regarding this matter) will be discussed in the upcoming lesson.


Be able to explain the widespread animosity that many Europeans have for religions, in general, and Islam, in particular.


Be sure to review the notes from the previous lesson and expect an extensive quiz on Saturday, in-sha’ Allah

Barakallahu feekum, yaa jamaa`ah.

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