Additional Conditions of Prayer

Chapter 10 Additional Conditions of Prayer
Among the conditions of prayer are (7):

1. To be Muslim;
2. The setting in of the prayer time;
3. To direct one’s chest towards the Qiblah;
4. To be at the age of mental discrimination (mumayyiz), i.e., at the age which the child understands when addressed and answers when asked;
5. To know this prayer is obligatory;
6. Not to deem any of the integrals of the prayer recommended (sunnah);
7. To cover the ^awrah (that is, whole body of the free woman, i.e., to conceal the skin and hair and its color, except for the face and hands, and to cover the area between the navel and the knees of the male and of the female slave from all sides except from underneath.)


Chapter 11 Invalidators of Prayer
Prayer is invalidated by (10):

1. Uttering unnecessary letters (that is, even two letters or one meaningful letter unless one forgets and it is few words);
2. Performing many moves, which according to some scholars are as many as what would last for the duration of one rak^ah. According to other scholars three consecutive moves invalidate the prayer. The first saying, however, has a stronger evidence;
3. Performing an excessive move (such as jumping);
4. Adding an extra integral which involves action;
5. Performing one move with the purpose of playing;
6. Eating and drinking except if one forgets and it is little;
7. Intending to interrupt prayer;
8. Making an intention to interrupt prayer contingent on the occurrence of an incident;
9. Hesitating about interrupting prayer;
10. Having doubt about having said the opening Allahu Akbar (that is, the completion of an integral while the doubt about one’s intention of the opening saying of Allahu akbar (taharrum) is still persisting or doubting for a long time about this intention).

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