Alternative Health: Oil Pulling

Alternative Health:  Oil Pulling

One of the Brothers recently turned me on to a practice called “oil pulling.”  The practice is simple and inexpensive, but its results can be astounding.  What the practice entails is merely swishing oil (i’ve used coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil so far, but when i use up this my current jar of coconut oil, God-willing, i am going to use the unrefined sesame oil bought for this purpose) in the mouth for about 15-20 minutes on an empty stomach (in the morning after the subh prayer is probably the best time).  You then spit the oil out (which will be transformed to a white thin liquid) and rinse thoroughly.  You might in the first few days seem to be experiencing adverse effects, but it is simply the various toxins being drawn out of the body.  If you don’t see any results after four or five days, you can switch up oils.  For me, the olive oil had some very powerful results, but the coconut oil seems to be more gentle on the system. Here are a couple of links on the practice:

Please feel free to share your experiences with oil pulling on my blog.  It would be great to get more people interested in this tremendously beneficial alternative health practice!

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3 Responses to Alternative Health: Oil Pulling

  1. khadijah says:

    I tried oil pulling at the bidding of Facebook “friend” but not for the recommended time. I will have to give it another go to see some results. I did notice a color change in the oil, but I’m not sure what that meant. I need to do more research then another experiment.

    • facetofloor says:

      I suggest you give it another try. If you tried it with olive oil, that may have been a little harsh. Try some unpressed coconut oil. You can pull with it, and it can be used on the skin and hair (and you can even just eat a teaspoon plain… but, of course, you don’t swallow the oil that you are pulling with. That oil is not only gross, it is TOXIC!!!

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