Quotation 9 Of Desires

“Quotation 9: Of Desires

“Desire for a thing diminishes when obtaining it presents no difficulty.”

—Pliny the Younger

(This is something I advise our Sisters to keep in mind.)




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One Response to Quotation 9 Of Desires

  1. Hyde says:

    Awesome quote. In layterms no point in going after something [arduously], if it comes crawling to you unattainably. (In lay lay term in regarding to the sisters, if you are already half done with, then his job is half done and he will look with the point of quenching his desire and then go on his way)

    P.S. I am not a robot crawling your website, rather see articles that have garnered my attention. (Saved me from starting my own blog; heck maybe I can write for you!)

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