Friday Night Class Review #1

Friday Night Class Review #1


 Give the meaning of At-Tahrim, 6 and what did the scholar say as for attaining protection from hellfire.

Mention the Hadith of the Prophet regarding the duty of acquiring Sacred Knowledge.



Imaan = Faith = Belief

Mention the saying of Imam Abu Hanifah regarding Imaan and Islam

(The essence of Imaan is to belief properly in Allah and in the Prophets.)

Mention the Verse regarding the command for one to die as a Muslim.

Islam is the Religion that Complies with the Sound Mind”


Refutation of Atheism

—refute the notion that the universe allegedly created itself

—refute the notion that the universe is beginningless

—refute the notion that the universe happened “by chance” from a statistical vantage point

 Refutation of Polytheism

—explain the Daleel of Tamaanu^ (The proof of mutual negation)

—mention Qur’anic Verse that is the basis of the above proof

Refutation of Quasi-Monotheism

—mention the rational inconsistencies in the doctrine/texts of Judaism and Christianity

Refutation of Quasi-Islamic Doctrines (to be discussed on 4/20/12 God-willing)

—refute the claims of the pseudo-sufis

—refute the claims of the Farrakhanis (so-called Nation of Islam)

—refute the claims of the Wahhabis (so-called Salafis)

Also be prepared to explain:

—why humanity is in need of God sending Prophets

—salvific exclusivity: the proofs for it and the proofs against the apologists/modernists

—explain briefly the Shahadah

—define taqwaa


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