Alternative Health

“It’s been a long time–sorry I kept you….”

Maa-shaa’ Allah, i’ve been without an internet connection for nearly ten weeks.  It’s been, praise Allah, a good ten weeks.  As is usually the case when the internet goes down, I get a lot more book reading done.  Also, this spring, I didn’t spend a lot of spend much time (or burn much gas) chasing my seasonal piscine quarry down at Arkabutla. The weather has been great, and I’ve been able to let many splendid (and that is the right word, “splendid”) days seep into my psyche out here on the Porch and “on the concrete” (more on that later, God-willing).

Cycles, cycles–life runs in cycles/New is old–no I’m not no psycho….

In conversations I’ve had with people over the past couple of months, one of the themes that kept coming up is how things run full circle.  Because of the work I am doing on my other blog ( I’ve been thinking a lot about my time in college and how it has influenced me.  Many of the interests i had back when i was living in Amherst, namely, writing, being of outdoors, discipline, “metaphysics”, time management and organization, establishing that ideal Routine, and alternative health have returned to a central place in my thinking.  That’s a good thing.

It is evident that we live in a world that is rapidly changing and our approach to life is going to have to be more flexible, while at the same time, for the Muslim, not compromising in his (or her) obedience to the One Who is the Creator and Owner of everything.  Many of the old modes of thinking—many of the narrow or negative modes of thinking—simply are not going to cut it.  People are going to have to stretch their scopes to keep up with these changes.

With that said, i wanted to talk some about alternative health.  Aside from the exorbitant cost and unsustainable nature of the health care system, folks are going to have to take more responsibility for their health (bi-idhnillah).  For one, we are going to need to operate on a more efficient cognitive level, and our diets can play a central role in this development.

Given the changes in the economy—no, let’s say the culture—because of the inundation of information—folks are going to need to reconfigure the platform upon which they process all this information.   This was brought to mind while recently reading a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The author devotes a section on “The New Medicine” and nootropic herbs (   Upon reading it, it made me realize that there are folks out there who are operating on a completely different cognitive level.

Folks who are subsisting on the SAD (Standard American Diet) are not going to have the same advantages afforded to them as the thousands (if not millions) of Americans who are having their cognitive abilities enhanced by herbs and supplement.  Furthermore, the SAD fills the gut with empty (and fattening) calories that cloud the mind, make one feel exhausted, drained, and often cause immediate and long term health drawbacks.  It is ascribed to Hippocrates (he is considered to be the “father of Western medicine”): “Let your food be your medicine.”  We should take heed.  There are many foods available that can enhance—not diminish—our well-being.  And it would serve us well to learn about adopting more holistic and natural diets.  God-willing, we will have more energy, greater mental clarity, better self-esteem, and healthier bodies that can make us more efficient and effective people—and more obedient to the Lord of creation.

A lot more can be said on this topic.  In-shaa’ Allah, we will continue with this tomorrow.

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