Feminism and the Disintegration of Black Culture

Feminism and the Disintegration of Black Culture

This is a snippet from a discussion on HP (which is pretty difficult to post on, for the “Politically Correct” fundamentalists are quick to pull down anything that don’t support the standard liberal line—so much for “tolerance”). This is in the context of a discussion about some statements made by James Peterson (a conservative Christian preacher) about the condition of black culture and the role feminism has had in its disintegration. The point of my posting here is to make Muslims aware that the Cultural Marxism (which is the standard tripe fed to folks on the college campuses) is no friend to the Muslims. Anyway, the following is my response with some additional comments:

As is typical in the Brave New World of Politically Correct Cultural Marxism, the sound points that Peterson made are drowned out by personal attacks and red herrings. The fact of the matter is that black America has been besieged by liberalism and that is the root of the moral disintegration and accelerated familial dissolution in black America over the past 40 years. It is enough to simply consider that 70% of black children are born out of wedlock (and that’s not to mention the percentage black babies CONCEIVED illegitimately). This uber-liberalism considers personal responsibility an anathema. Concepts, such as, integrity, honor, self-restraint, delayed gratification, modesty and virtue aren’t even part of the public discourse anymore. Instead, the problems black folks face are deflected upon white people… but white people are not causing blacks to have their astronomical illegitimacy rates. It’s not whites who force black males to murder each other at six times the rate of white males kill each other.

The problems black America face are not so much rooted in racism or poverty, as they are rooted in values (or the lack thereof). A person can be poor, a person can face racism and yet still be a pleasant, civil, and dignified human being. It is evident, for instance, in the lives of well-to-do rappers who in spite of their income they still live reprobate lifestyles, that the problems of black America are due to a want of morality and character—not a want of money. The normalization of black-trash culture and its promotion by the Cultural-Marxist media only degrade black people and degrade the society as a whole. African-American Muslims need to stand up against this madness, for we are the only ones left who truly can.

As for feminism, a disease of the mind that has infected the entire body of black culture, it is enough to see the following video to understand its nature and the agenda behind it:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN05DHO9bJw Also see:



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