From the Frontline of the Culture War

I spent a lot of time this weekend and yesterday in the cesspit of the Cultural Marxism (call it what you may: multiculturalism, “diversity,” secular fundamentalism, radical liberalism, Political Correctness—i am talking about an ideology that pervades most of the media and popular culture).  Folks, my advice is to get prepared for a massive social tsunami, the like of which this society has never seen before.  Maa-shaa’ Allah, I’ve battled with these people before, so it’s not the first time, but after being away from the frontline as long as i was and to see the level of influence (and confidence) these people have is beyond disturbing.

We are dealing here with people who have NO MORAL COMPASS AT ALL and have a hatred for tradition, family, and religion.  The Cultural Marxists hate tradition, because when they look at history, they see the mass of Americans in the past (or other cultures) would not accept their immoral ideology.  Hence, they portray those people who came before them as narrow-minded, evil, bigoted barbarians.  They hate the family because they know that from the family is where people traditionally derived their values.  This is why the CMs unceasingly propagandize young people with this youth “culture” by way of the popular media.  This propaganda (meaning, the music, the movies, the fashions, ad nauseum) is intended to make the youth feel superior to their parents and make their elders look “old-fashioned” and out of touch (meaning out of touch with Cultural Marxist youth propaganda).  The CMs hate religion, for religion provides a person with a source of morality and identity beyond the popular culture (again, popular culture being little or nothing more than Cultural Marxist propaganda).  Also, for the religiously devout, they believe that their religions are a higher authority than the social(ly engineered) norms.

Through and through, Cultural Marxism is in direct opposition to Islam.  Muslims hold tradition in great esteem.  Muslims believe that those Muslims who came before us are superior to us.  No generation of people will reach the status of the Companions of the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).  None of the Companions were advocates of (so-called) same sex marriage, homosexuality, “gender-sameness” legislation… or even equality, for that matter.  People are different—some are clearly superior to others, and that superiority is not based upon skin color or ethnicity but upon piety, that is, fear of Allah and compliance with Allah’s Sacred Law.  Being a feces devouring homosexual sodomite, for instance, excludes a person from being amongst the best of the people.

Regarding family, Islamic Law is extensive regarding the rights that the family members have upon each other.  Islamic Law is not based upon youth rebelling against their elders—to the contrary, the Prophet said that he is not among the righteous if he does not show respect for his Muslim elders.  This insidious idea of separating the youth from their parents is done so that the Cultural Marxists can get their hands on the children.  It has nothing to do with the concern with the well-being of children—it’s about having them available for indoctrination. (See upcoming link on this issue, God-willing.)   As for religion, Cultural Marxism is based upon atheism—atheism is the worst form of kufr (disbelief).  NEVER will you hear the CMs talk about how these various ideologies that they are trying to foist on folks will benefit the people in the Hereafter.  (They can’t even claim that these ideologies even produce a more stable society (or a more stable individual).)  To the contrary, any mention of the word “God” or “Afterlife” causes them nothing but rancor and disdain for the ones who use those words.  The Cultural Marxist ideology is based upon total moral corruption and sabotaging all notions of integrity, modesty, honor, dignity… or shame.

This is what we are up against, and we need to prepare and brace ourselves.  For the young people out there, y’all need to get out of this popular culture matrix.  For one, most of this stuff is haraam—or border line haraaam at best.  For the older folk, we need to educate ourselves and others on this subject.  In-shaa’ Allah, it can be a dynamic means of the da`wah, for many Muslims see things are going to get very nasty, but they have not been equipped with the rhetoric to resist this mess.  And also, there are MANY non-Muslims out there who sense something is wrong—terribly wrong—but no one has sat them down and walked them through the issues.

May Allah give us the strength and the courage to defend the truth and speak out against evil and corruption.

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  1. Umm ˇAbdurraHmaan says:

    Aameen aameen aameen

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