Muslim Youth and the Crisis of Identity

Praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Muslim Youth and the Crisis of Identity

The motivation for this series is out of a concern for many Muslim youth and families and the challenges we face in raising children in the West and the need to preserve and transmit a Muslim identity and Islamic values.

Let me start by saying that the Muslim youth need to develop a more critical and sophisticated understanding and relationship with the larger society. Maintaining your Islam depends upon this. We cannot afford to have youth who are almost mindless devourers of this insipid pop culture. We must understand the pop culture’s raison d’etre1 and what is the agenda behind it—and how does that relate to being—and staying—a Muslim in the West. We need to be educated in the matters of our Religion and we need to be educated about the time and place in which we live. Contrary to the prevailing norm in the society today, Muslims are not an anti-intellectual people. Our Religion and our obedience to our Creator is predicated on learning.

Understanding the Cultural Marxist Matrix

 “Multi-culturalism,” or “political correctness,” or the “Frankfurt School,” or “the dogma of ‘tolerance,’” or whatever one may wish to call it has a strong pull on the minds of Muslims… and understandably so. Muslims growing up in the West have—to varying degrees—faced discrimination, bigotry, and outright hatred on the basis of their religion, and also many on the basis of their ethnicity. The rhetoric of “political correctness,” that we should not judge others, that we should accept others, and we should embrace diversity is appealing to those who feel out of place in the mainstream of (traditional) American society. And by traditional American society, I mean white, Christian, heterosexual, Western, patriarchal society. After all, it was such values that America was founded and built upon.

Now for the record, I am not an apologist for white supremacy, nor for the genocide that took place in the name of “whiteness” in the Americas, nor for the Atlantic slave trade, nor for the brutal colonial policies of the “white man.” I judge such culture and participants in such culture according to the rulings of the Sacred Law. The Sacred Law does not judge such culture or people favorably—not because of their skin color or ethnicity, but because of their behavior, and (dis)belief. With that said, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t wonder and call into question why white male Christian heterosexuals who favor traditional families with men at the head of the household are now relentlessly attacked in the media and in the universities.

Understandably this demographic historically has had a lot of blood on it hands (and still does). The story goes that this demographic is at the apex of the power structure and deserves to be criticized for its egregious transgressions. I can understand that, but if the white male Christian heterosexuals who favor traditional families with men at the head of the household are at the apex of the social hierarchy, then why is it that they and their values are so widely maligned by the popular media today? (If one doubts this, simply compare the male characters of the popular TV programs of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s (“My Three Sons,” “Andy Griffith Show,” “The Rifleman,” “Bonanza,” etc.) with the Homer Sexual male characters who dominate the boob tube today.) If the white male Christian heterosexuals who favor traditional families with men at the head of the household have the power, then why aren’t their values promoted in probably the most influential institution in America (i.e., the media)? Something else is going on here, and that thing is what I would call “Cultural Marxism,” (CM) and we need to be aware of it and critically understand it.

In brief, the traditional Marxists who realized that their “pseudo-religion” of communism would not come to power by the workers of Western Europe and America rising up and overthrowing their governments. Western democracy and capitalism provided people with a standard of living that was good enough (for most workers) that it wasn’t worth risking one’s life for the sake of some utopian phantasm. So instead of attacking capitalism, the CMs began to attack the very cultural underpinnings of the West: its religion (Christianity), it morals, its history, its patriarchy. In the process, the youth were to be turned against religion, they embraced embraced moral relativism, they rejected and reviled the people who had been seen for centuries as the heroes of Western civilization, and they attacked white manhood. Also, in the process, the Cultural Marxists made appeals to the dispossessed ethnic and racial minorities—who had grievances with white supremacy—and they appealed to women. This was done to turn various “identity groups” against traditional Western values… and later to turn the identity groups against each other. The goal of the Cultural Marxists, like the goal of the early communist Marxists, was to weaken the society by destroying religion and the family and make Cultural Marxism the source of values and the leadership of the society.

Anyone who doubts that CM is the prevailing narrative in the society, all they need to do is consider the courses offered in the social sciences and literature at your typical liberal arts college. They denigrate the classics of Western civilization, while exalting homosexuality and feminism, and for the racial minorities, they can take courses in “advanced vicitmization.” At the same time, if a white Christian male proclaims his pride for his racial heritage and heterosexual orientation, he will called a “racist,” chauvinist, and a homophobe—and they might even throw in “anti-semite” to complete the package. (Now whether or not the guy is a racist, etc. or not is another matter—the point is the hypocrisy of the Cultural Marxists, who claim to be all about “tolerance.”)

For Muslims to deal effectively with Cultural Marxism, we first have to be able to identify it, name it, and also understand its deeper agenda. God-willing, in the next entry we will talk about how Cultural Marxism is incompatible with Islam and how it is a threat to the Muslim identity.

For some more on Cultural Marxism, please see the following links:

1Raison d’etre: reason for being

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