Muslim Youth and the Crisis of Identity (Part 2)

In part one of this series we identified the prevailing zeitgeist of the media and the “educational” institutions, and we called it Cultural Marxism (CM). This ideology entails attacking, in particular, all that is white, heterosexual, male, and Christian, while claiming to empower racial/ethnic minorities and women. Many of the slogans about “tolerance,” “acceptance,” being “non-judgmental,” “equality,” “open-mindedness,” ad nauseum may very well sound appealing to a Muslim weak in traditional Islamic knowledge and struggling with matters of identity. Having seen anti-Muslim bigotry in the media and faced it in person, such Muslims can relate in some ways to other oppressed people. And if he succumbs to the propaganda of Cultural Marxism—and he more than likely will—then he, too, will embrace the dogma of victimology.

(It is interesting to note before we go on, that anyone familiar with the Sirah (Life of the Prophet Muhammad) would realize that in spite of the oppression, torture, and murder of the Muslims in Mecca simply because they believed in the Oneness and Perfection of God, the Prophet never told his followers to adopt an attitude of victimization. Instead, these Companions endured the hardships of the Meccan Boycott and the agonies surrounding it in a manly fashion with firm patience and determination. The Companions did not whine and cry to the tyrants of Quraysh—instead, they relied upon Allah and followed the orders of the Prophet. As Muslims, we should see ourselves as victors and not as victims—for even if we face hardship or oppression, if we are patient and stay steadfast in obedience to God, we are champions.)

We said that in this entry we would talk about how Cultural Marxism is incompatible with Islam. Through and through it is. Among the general tenets of CM is that everyone is “equal.” That means that all ethnic groups should be treated equally, that men should be treated the same as women, that active homosexuals should be treated the same as married couples (by marriage, of course, I am talking about a husband and wife… or more plainly, a biological male with a biological female), that Satanism should be regarded the same as Imaan (Islam/True Faith).

All the Prophets had the same belief in the Creator. The Creator is Perfect and does not change, and the true belief in the Creator does not change. Hence, all the Prophets called people to worship the One, Perfect, Eternal, Omniscient Creator, Who is the Creator of everything and absolutely does not need or resemble anything. Allah exists without time, place or direction; whatever one imagines, Allah is different than that. Also, the Sacred Laws of the Prophets, although they may have differed in some of the details, had five general objectives:

  1. The preservation of the mind

  2. the preservation of property

  3. the preservation of the body

  4. the preservation of lineage

  5. the preservation of honor

By preservation of the mind, it is meant that one should not do something to oneself that leads to mental derangement; hence, for example, the prohibition of alcohol in Islam. According to the dogma of Cultural Marxism, one has the (alleged) right not only to consume alcohol, but the Cultural Marxists are on the forefront of pushing for the legalization of other drugs, as well. By preservation of property, no one can unjustly take another’s property. Also, one can sell his property, in general, to whomever he wills, and refuse to sell it to whomever he wills. Various “discrimination” codes implemented by the Cultural Marxists reject this Islamic principal.

By preservation of the body, one does not abuse the body; one does not subject the body to disfigurement, for example. Again, according to the credo of Cultural Marxism, one has the (alleged) right to do whatever he wants with his body—whether it involves tattooing, cutting off body parts for “cosmetic purposes,” or sodomizing oneself and others with large objects. As for preservation of lineage, this means that child has the right to know who his (biological) parents are. His parents should be married at the time of conception. However, in the world of Cultural Marxism, marriage is belittled and fornication and illegitimacy are encouraged. According to the Cultural Marxists, if a pair of perverted homosexual males wish to buy a baby and raise it as their own (and do, God knows what, with the child), this is considered—according to Cultural Marxism—their “human right.”

As for “equality,” the Prophet did not come to establish “equality;” he came to establish justice. People are not equal and cannot be treated equally—even Aristotle of Athenian fame said: “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” A wali (highly pious Muslim), like `Abdul-Qaadir Al-Jilaani, is not equal to a Prophet. A satanist, like Aleister Crowley (la`natullah `alayh), is not equal to Imam Al-Ghazali. The people from the clan of Hashim, for example, are not eligible for Zakah—but a Peruvian convert is eligible for Zakah. This is a form of discrimination based upon ethnicity—something considered totally taboo by the Cultural Marxists, but Muslims have no problem with it.

One of the most dangerous topics when the issue of “equality” comes up is the subject of gender/family laws in Islam. Instead of operating from the practically sound and logical premise that conforms to human experience, the Cultural Marxists claim to be advocates for absolute equal-equality between the sexes. Sadly, many who self-identify as Muslims also claim that Islam establishes “equality” between women and men. To be honest, this is a lie. Islam establishes gender justicenot gender equality. Anyone who is familiar with Islamic Law knows that there are certain injunctions placed on men that are not placed on women and vise versa.

For instance, men are obligated to financially support their spouse and children. Women have no such obligation upon them. Men are prohibited from wearing silk. Women have no such prohibition. Women can only have one spouse at a given time. Men may have up to four. The widow must observe the `iddah (post-marital waiting period); widowers do not have an `iddah. This alone show that Islam did not come with gender equality, and it is a phrase that Muslims should avoid using, for the essence of it belies the Religion, and belying the Religion is disbelief.

According to the Cultural Marxists’ rhetoric, there must be absolute equality engineered between the genders, which is impossible because there are too many temperamental and physical differences between men and women. Also, instead of getting apologetic about what Allah revealed, the prudent thing for Muslims to do is to expose the BLATANT HYPOCRISY of the Cultural Marxists when it comes to the treatment of the genders. Absolute “equality” means absolute “equality”—and not one gender being more deserving of this “equality” than the other, or having “selective equality.” Hence, if the Cultural Marxists truly believe in “equality,” then why are men denied athletic scholarships in the universities (which are one of the hubs of CMs) merely on the basis of their gender? Why aren’t the CMs not enraged when men are not allowed to participate in women’s events during the Olympics? Why do women almost always get the children when divorce occurs… although it takes two to make a baby? Why don’t the Cultural Marxists advocate the elimination of gender discrimination in the prison system—that is, why don’t they put men and women in the same prisons… sharing the same cells? Why is it the case, that at least for the time being, women must “hajabah” their chests, while men may walk about topless on a hot summer’s day?

I am not arguing against the merits of gender discrimination—i am just pointing out that the Cultural Marxists are hypocrites who don’t want “equality”—their objective is something else. They want to stir up confusion about what should be the role of men and women. Like the communists of old, the Cultural Marxists wish to spread sexual immorality and engender hatred between women and men; thereby weakening the basis of civilization—namely, the family. As Muslims know, the Prophet censured the men who imitate women and the women who imitate men, and that this imitation of each other would be a sign of the approach of the Judgment Day. Young Muslims need understand the agenda behind “feminism” and “Gender Studies” (which is, inextricably related to lesbianism and the homosexual agenda) in the universities. These “movements” and studies are not about “empowerment” of oppressed women—they are about dividing and conquering the society. May Allah protect us from this fitnah.

It is important that Muslims employ the same tools that the Cultural Marxists have used to analyze “patriarchy,” the family, and Western values, and use those tools of criticism against the Cultural Marxists themselves. When one applies those tools—with an Islamic perspective—one sees not only is Cultural Marxism incompatible with Islam, Cultural Marxism is an absurd, hypocritical ideology founded by perverts and other deviants. These men were far from the ways of the Prophets of God.

Instead of going down a long, twisted, and torturous path about how Islam is (allegedly) compatible with what we have identified as Cultural Marxism, Muslims need to restructure their arguments when confronting this ideology. For one, as we mentioned, there is the hypocrisy of Cultural Marxism, but more importantly is the faulty underlying premise of Cultural Marxism. Even if the proponents of such ideology were “well-meaning” (which they are not) they still would not know what is the ultimate objective of life, or what happens to us after we die. The Muslims need to establish that the purpose of life is not to pursue and vainly attempt to satisfy base desires. For as we know, once the nafs (lower self) is given free reign over the body and ego, it will lead that person into the clutches of the shaytaan and self/social destruction.

Our objective should be to submit and show gratitude to Allah. The universe did not create itself. We did not create ourselves. There is a Creator Who exists and is absolutely unlike anything else—Who is not dependent upon anything and cannot be fathomed by the mind. The Creator deserves to be worshiped, and one worships the Creator by sincerely following the Sacred Laws revealed unto Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).

Instead of following ideologies concocted in the hearts and minds of twisted and demented individuals, it is far wiser to follow the Laws of the Creator of the Universe. Allah knows about us better than we know ourselves. By following the Laws of Allah, we would be just to others and just to ourselves. Furthermore, by obeying the Laws of Allah, one would be preparing himself (or herself) for the long journey into the Hereafter. Cultural Marxism cannot claim to prepare one for the Hereafter—Cultural Marxism is an atheistic ideology whose concerns do not extend beyond this temporary life. Cultural Marxism is an ideology that rejects the existence of God, insults the Prophets, and denigrates the Sacred Law. These reasons are enough to demonstrate how and why Cultural Marxism is incompatible with Islam.

God-willing, in our next entry we will discuss the pervasive nature of Cultural Marxism in the mainstream culture and its influences on the minds of Muslim youth.


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  1. K.D. says:

    Amazing article. Plain amazing.

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