Quotation #33 Of Unity

Quotation #33 Of Unity

“The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is, because man is disunited with himself.”

 —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brief commentary: As long as people insist on holding absurd and contradictory convictions about the Creator (or outright deny the Creator’s existence) and/or choose to transgress the Laws of the Lord of the Universe, then we will lack unity.  We will find no peace within, for our actions (and for many their convictions) will be contrary to the nature of our existence.  Allah, the Eternal, Transcendent, and Incomparable Creator, brought us into being and has commanded us with worship by following the Sacred Laws revealed unto the final Prophet and Messenger of God, Muhammad.   When people are oblivious to this or ignore this fact—or don’t keep this fact in the forefront of their minds—we drift from the ultimate objective of human existence, which is, to worship God.

The Creator is One.  The creations are many.  When we live to please the creations (and this includes our “nafs” (i.e., carnal and egotistical impulses)) our energies will be scattered; there are not enough days in a lifetime to gratify the insatiable appetite of an untamed body and mind; there will always be people displeased with us (there were people who were displeased with the Prophets, and they are the best of the creations); we will not find true contentment, for true contentment comes only from remembering Allah and our purpose  here on Earth.

With the singular purpose of striving to sincerely obey our Lord—and not to impress the creations—we become united within.  We become whole.  When we become whole, we can truly and sincerely unite with others for the sole purpose of obeying the One Who created us.  When this happens, God-willing, we can begin to restore some unity to this terribly broken and fragmented world.  May Allah unite our hearts in obedience to the One and Only Creator, the only One Who deserves to be worshiped.



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