Why We Warn Against Wahhabism

Why We Warn Against Wahhabism

This is a response from someone I know who was asking about why I was making posts and debating with a local Wahhabi. I do understand his sentiment, but there is an urgent need to educate the Muslims and general public about genuine Islamic teachings and how they differ from the ideology of Wahhabism. Also, for those who are under the influence of Wahhabism, if they are sincerely interested in the Truth, when they hear the true Creed of the Sunnis, then it is easy for them to renounce the object worshiping doctrine of Wahhabism and embrace Islam by saying the Declaration of Faith (Nothing is worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah).

_____________, (i’m not using the person’s name)

It is good that you are concerned about the well-being of others. However, if a person does a lifetime of good deeds but has a blasphemous belief about Allah, then this person will not attain salvation in the Hereafter. This is why there must be clarity in the Creed first and foremost. If the Muslims wish to unite and help the people of this region, then they would have to submit to following authentic traditional knowledge. If a person is unfamiliar with what that knowledge is, then he (or she) needs to take the time out to research and investigate. If one wants clarity just ask. We are here and that is what we do. Without sound knowledge, however, there can be no genuine unity.

As for the debate about Wahhabism, the point is multi-fold. One, the Muslim youth here (in Memphis, in particular) are, as a rule, VERY ignorant about the matters of traditional `Aqidah. This makes them vulnerable to deviant ideologies. Simply consider what happened a couple of generations ago with the so-called “Nation of Islam.” Because the Sunnis (in general) were lazy or negligent in making da`wah and teaching the true `Aqidah, the Nation went on to define for many people, and the masses of African-Americans in particular, what is “Islam” (in their minds). You know as well as i do that there are STILL people in Memphis who think that Islam is Farrakhanism. This is the consequence of neglecting enjoining the good, forbidding the evil, and not educating the public about the Muslim creed.

Two, as this Wahhabi ideology spreads in Memphis, you may find some youth (or others) joining the more radical elements of that ideology and committing acts of extremism, whether here or abroad—as has happened with the youth in places, like Minneapolis or Columbus. Then, you know what would happen—especially, in a place like Memphis: the beggin’ wannabe Uncle Toms will start crying about how Muslims are not terrorists—while they are SILENT about the very theology taught in their mosques that enables terrorist ideology.

Three, one has to keep in mind that at the core of Wahhabism is mass takfeer of the Ummah. The Wahhabis, as a core aspect of doctrine (and i ain’t just talking about OBL) deem the masses of Muslims as mushriks (pagans). This is how they justified (in their minds) the slaughter of the people of Najd and the massacre of the Muslims of Taa’if in the early 1800′s. This is the practice of the earliest Wahhabis. So if this is what they practiced back then by following the “sunnah” of Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhab, then what do you think they want to do today? Just consider their slaughter of Muslims now in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and the mess they are causing in Libya Mali, Nigeria, and Syria.

Four, the Sunni Creed is predicated on the belief that Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations. The Sunnis say that the Creator of space, place, distance, and direction exists without a space, place, distance, or direction. The Sunnis say that Allah is not a jism (body/object/spatial entity). The Wahhabis, on the other hand, say that Allah has real-actual eyes, fingers, a shin bone; they teach that Allah casts a shadow and that Allah has comparatively small feet that are on the Kursiyy. When all is said and done, the Wahhabis believe that Allah, the Al-Musawwir (the CREATOR of all forms) is something with a form, a location, and a size. In other words, they pray to a giant object, and the Sunnis say that the one who takes an object for worship has committed shirk.

In conclusion, the Wahhabis can only thrive in an environment of ignorance. As long as the Muslims are negligent about learning their Deen and fall back on platitudes, like, “We need to put aside our differences in `Aqidah,” then these people will be able to continue to spread their evil. They will continue to try to intimidate, attack, terrorize and KILL those Sunnis who are aware of the issues and speak out against them. As for the masses of Muslims in America, the Wahhabis might not physically attack them, but they can confuse them and turn them against Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama`ah and cut the Muslims off from their scholarly heritage. Also, asking for the Sunnis to put their differences aside from the Wahhabis isn’t going to make those differences go away. The differences between Sunni Islam and Wahhabism are fundamental and core matters: the Sunnis say Allah is not an object, while the Wahhabis pray to an object with organs and limbs that requires space in order to exist. The Sunnis do NOT worship what the Wahhabis worship.

For the one sincerely seeking the Truth, when they here the True Creed, they accept it. As for those with diseases in their hearts, they will insist on deeming Allah to be somehow similar to and in need of the creations. The love of object worship has settled in their chests, and they don’t want to cleanse their hearts of polytheism. When we have clarity in the Creed and traditional knowledge, then, God-willing, the Muslims can move forward with unity of purpose and be benefactors to the people of this society.


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