The Diabolical Nature of the Music Industry

Diabolical Nature of the Music Industry

A FB friend posted the video below about the former rapper called “Napoleon.” I never heard of him (praise Allah, I broke my music addiction before the advent of that psychopathic goon, Tupac Naakir (the “Ungrateful”)). What this person says is in line with what many other former musicians have said about the music industry and its demonic undercurrents:

(Note: I wouldn’t, as Mutah ascribes to Ibnul-Qayyim that music the “qur’an of satan.”)

If one wishes to trace the origin of American popular music, it goes back to the “blues,” whose roots can be traced by to the mushriks (pagans/idolators)—or faasiqs (enormous sinners) amongst the Muslims—in Africa. One should consider that even the earliest of these blues singers were associated with what was called by the more religious Southern Christians blacks “the devil’s music.” Tommy Johnson and Robert Johnson (no relation) are among the most renown of the blues singers and both are said to have sold their souls to the devil to gain skills with the guitar to get fame and women. It was said of Robert Johnson that he sold his soul to the devil down at the crossroads, and it is interesting to note that the mushriks of West Africa worship an entity called Elegba (also called “Eshu”) and that is considered the so-called “god” of the crossroads. As we know, if you want to learn about something, trace its isnaad (its chain of transmission). When we trace American pop music (blues—>rock—>rap) we see that it has a root in African mushrik culture and the invoking of the jinn, sorcery, and demon worship.

Also, it should simply be enough to look at the lifestyles of the musicians and see that there is some kind of connection between music, drugs and alcohol, sexual immorality and perversion, and other degenerate behavior. As the person called Mutah point out in the video, you can see how people are transformed (always for the worse) when they get involved in the music industry (consider people like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Kurt Kobain, Dirty Old Bastard, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Huston and a multitude of others who have either killed themselves from drugs or otherwise wrecked their lives by substance abuse). We have have seen the descent into (further) darkness with the likes of Britney Spears and Rihanna in recent years. It would seem counter-intuitive that these people’s lives would have been such a mess. These are people who longed for fame—they got it. They longed for money—they got it. They longed for fornication—they got it. As far as this dunyaa is concerned, they had it all, but still, they were miserable and their misery was worse than the average person attached to and caught up in the affairs of this ephemeral world. As Muslims should know, it is something in the inherent nature of the haraam (forbidden) music that warps the minds and darkens the hearts of the people who habitually listen to it (much less play it, make money from it, and consume that dirty money). For those who doubt the influence of music, simply challenge the typical music addict to quit listening for three months. Chances are they will get angry for even suggesting such a thing.

When one goes a little deeper into the history of popular music, especially since the 60’s, it is clear that music is used as a tool for mass manipulation, in particular, for the youth. And as one can see with the music today, it is little more than social engineering controlled by mega-conglomerate corporations. Another problem is the outright satanic aspect of the music industry. Back in the 70’s and 80’s satanic messages were pretty much relegated (although, not exclusively) to heavy metal groups. Nowadays, we see it in R-and-B and rap. One of the most telling examples of this is what I came across in a Rihanna video, in which the demonic entity (a`udhu billah, I just pulled her up on a search, and see some more demonic stuff from this deranged female) Baphomet appears in the in the splash pattern shortly after the 1:10 mark of this video (play while on mute): Sadly, this video has almost SEVNTY MILLION hits and there are MILLIONS of little girls out there who take Rihanna as some sort of hero and role model.

Lastly, for the person called Mutah, I did a little background search. It seems that he jumped out of the frying pan of the music industry and into the fire of Wahhabi propaganda. This is from a website ascribed to him: Here we see the talk of the so-called “Salafi Minhaj” and praising the likes of Ibn Baaz and Uthaimeen. These two alleged “scholars” and the Wahhabi doctrine advocate the worship of a giant, bipedal, shadow-casting, extraterrestrial object with a smiling face, fingers, and a shinbone that sits on a throne (what they worship share quite a few similarities to Baphomet, actually). Muslims worship Allah. Allah is the Creator of everything and absolutely does not need or resemble anything. Allah is the Creator of light and darkness, space and time, distance and direction. Allah is not an object and does not have the properties of objects, such as, having a volume or size, a location, or being in a direction (direction is the relationship between the location of two objects—Allah is NOT an object and is not in a location). Allah is absolutely and categorically different from all originated beings. Whatever one imagines, Allah is different from that.

I am not affirming that Mutah holds the beliefs of the Wahhabis (so-called Salafis), but we should be worried about him and what he teaches given he is working for an apparently Wahhabi organization stationed in Wahhabi-land (i.e., Riyadh (Najd), Saudi Arabia).

Also, one should note that Ibnul-Qayyim Al-JawziyyAH (not to be confused with the authentic Hanbali scholar IBNUL-JAWZIYY) was the main student of Ibn Taymiyyah.  Ibn Taymiyyah was a controversial and deviant figure who considered the Creator to be a giant body with organs.  Ibn Taymiyyah died in prison in 728/1328 after the scholars of all four madhhabs wrote a fatwa against him and the need to protect the people from his misguidance.

For those still struggling with music addiction, given the information mentioned above, it should give you all the more incentive to quit. Furthermore it is the blessed month of Ramadan, and we should be striving extra hard to obey Allah and avoid the prohibited and dubious matters. May Allah guide us and give us the strength to obey. Praise and thanks to Allah, and Allah knows best.

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8 Responses to The Diabolical Nature of the Music Industry

  1. Ustadh Ismail Muriseeq Agbeti says:

    What an interesting & educative research,may Allah guide & save us 4rm d accused one & his agents,we shall continue 2 enlighten people.i really appreciate ur effort.Jazakum-Lahu-khaeran.

  2. Maa Shaa’ Allaah very nice post brother Ali. It indeed raises awareness. Barak Allahu Feek.

  3. Ronnie Lak says:

    I agree. Very interesting article. We need to hear more opinions like that.

  4. Rima says:

    Baarak Allah feek brother for sharing this with us,I wish all our teenagers read it and understand it as they should.may Allah increase your knowledge and protect you and your beloved ones from evil.

    • facetofloor says:

      Ameen. Please feel free to share the link to your friends via Facebook and thru e-mail and whatever other ways come to mind.

  5. Sultan says:

    Subhan^Allaah, Music is a very addictive thing expecially in our generation. These singer/ rappers say many blasphemous thing’s in the music. They insult Prophet Jesus alayhisalam May Allah Raise his Rank. One must be very carefuls on what he hears as the ears will be asked on the day of ressurection. Also these youths are repeating the blasphemous sayings from the songs without realizing the blasphemed. This is a very important article that people should read.

  6. Barakallahu fikum Brother! Excellent article! Music can be very addictive and unfortunately many Muslims fail to understand the of this foolishness in regards to their lack of practicing the Religion correctly. It is very difficult to memorize Qur’an or books of the scholars when a person’s mind is saturated with the filth of music.

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