A Letter to My Muslim Sister

A Letter to My Muslim Sister


I am writing this, and I am not totally comfortable in doing so. One, I am a man, and two, I am a Muslim man, and according to the corporate-controlled media, all Muslim men are misogynists. However, since the feminists claim that they are all for “equality,” and since they are allowed to scrutinize men and “patriarchy” all they want, then, if all things are to be “equally-equal,” then I, as a man, as a Muslim man, should be able to also critique feminism, and let the Truth stand on its own merits.

Allow me get a couple of more things out of the way. This is not intended to be a rant against Muslim women or women in general. Although, I am going to be critical of certain female peculiarities in the female temperament, and Sisters need to accept things for what they are, this is, however, intended to be a critique of feminism. Being a woman and being a feminist are two different things, and it is important that our Sisters make a distinction between the two—for y’all’s obedience to Allah entails doing so.

My overarching point of view pretty much conforms to this video:


I am a conspiracy theorist of sorts. I believe that you have ultra-elite people whose objective is to manipulate the masses of humanity in ways that are not to their temporal benefit in this fleeting world, nor to the human beings’ Afterlife. Whether it be the Rockefellers, or the Rothchilds, or the Warburgs, we can see that there have been policies adopted that reflect a war on the family, tradition/traditional morality, and general social stability, in general. To me it is not so much about plunging down the bunny hole of conspiracy theory to find out “who’s behind the conspiracy,” as it is to understand the trends, anticipate where they are going, and develop methods to protect oneself and counter them, in-shaa’ Allah. If one doubts that what is going on is happening by design, it is enough to consider these policies have been stated openly, and among these policies has been the ideology of feminism. So I don’t think that what is going on in the society are just “happening by accident.”1 These trends are happening largely by design, and they are also happening in the manner that the Prophet Muhammad foretold they would happen (in particular, in this case of mass social instability).

Also, and I know that this is one of the main objections of the Cultural Marxists, I understand that I am “generalizing,” which is considered a sort of sacrilege in the circles of so-called “Political Correctness.” Nonetheless, generalizations exists because it is what we observe (in this case) of human behavior. So when I say: “Women say or think or do such-and-such,” I obviously don’t mean all women are like that. There are plenty of exceptions. To my defense, I will say, it is contrary to wisdom to establish general principles based upon exceptions. The exceptions exists—but they are just that: exceptions. Also, when I make generalizations here, I am talking about ideals. There are matters which are Islamically permissible, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily ideal. Sometimes circumstances make it difficult or not possible to do what is ideal. Nonetheless, this does not mean we should abandon our ideals… especially, not for an alien and toxic ideology. What we should do is try to establish institutions that are more in conformity with our ideals—even if we don’t get those institutions to conform completely to our ideals.

I mentioned the term “Cultural Marxism.” This has been discussed elsewhere (https://facetofloor.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/muslim-youth-and-the-identity-of-crisis/) In a nutshell, Cultural-Marxism is a secular supremacist ideology that was launched by certain academics and social agitators as a campaign against the white, European/American, Christian tradition. This also included opposition to patriarchy (the social structure in which men hold a greater proportion of political power). Seeing that the “West” could not be toppled in class conflict (as Karl Marx deluded) the Cultural-Marxists decided to wage a covert culture war against the West by attacking its institutions. Even the family was not exempt from being ruthlessly criticized and attacked. Feminism is an integral part of Cultural-Marxism, and its heroes are among the heroes of Cultural Marxism.

For one, as Muslims, we should not derive our values or ideals from unIslamic sources. As every student of traditional Islamic knowledge knows, one should check the isnaad (scholarly lineage) of his teachers. It is enough to look at the names (much less the writings) of the major feminists, such as, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Judy Blume, Erica Jong, Andrea Dworkin, Eve Ensler, Bella Abzug to see that these are not a group of people who historically have had a lot of love for Muslims. In spite of this, many Muslims—and those who at least identify as such—will claim to be advocates of “feminism.”

It should also be made clear that feminists are not for genuine “equality,” for if they were they would be protesting against gender discrimination at the globalist extravaganza of the Olympics. Or they would be protesting at their local jail against gender discrimination. What feminism calls for is a “selective equality,” in which women can demand legally equality when it is convenient, and at other times, men are expected to bear most of the load.

Feminists—the more mainstream types—are ultimately coupled with lesbianism and radical feminism. One can go down the list of, for instance, of African-American feminist writers, and it is difficult to find one who is not a lesbian. And, lesbianism isn’t just common among black feminists, many other prominent feminists are lesbian, and almost all are at least pro-lesbian, such as, Erica Jong, who said: “Gay marriage is a blessing not a curse. It certainly promotes stability and family. And it’s certainly good for kids.” As for the radical feminists, you have the likes of the lesbian, Andrea Dworkin who was known for her vitriol against men. Another among them was the lesbian, Valerie Solanas, author of the SCUM Manifesto, which begins by saying:

‘Life’ in this ‘society’ being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of “society” being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.

This is not the product of a healthy or well-adjusted mind—nor is this:


A Muslim has to ask her or himself how does any of this ideology conform with the values taught by Islam? And if people were to conform to these values, would it lead to a more harmonious society, or would it lead to social disintegration? As for tying this thing into the bigger picture, the most popular of the feminists in the 1960’s, Gloria Steinem, was an agent for the CIA, as is mentioned in the video with Aaron Russo.

Another issue is the impracticality of feminism. Granted, these feminists are not following Divine Revelation, so they are going to be forced to make up stuff as they go along, but the feminists don’t even attempt to make their ideology conform with human nature. Instead, they attempt to distort human nature to fit with their theories that can not possibly work in reality. (Also, keep in mind that many of these feminists were demented before adopting feminist ideology—their feminist ideology is frequently a reflection of the dark and sick minds of these maladjusted human beings.)

Feminism strings women along with a chain of evanescent promises that evaporate once a woman approaches them. Feminism promises a woman can have a career and be “successful” while not informing women about the massive trade-off that is involved. At some point most women desire to have babies. In Islam the only way to do so is while in wedlock. Fornication and bastardy is not an option for a Muslim. If a woman has a baby, the baby cannot raise itself. The child is going to need a mother, or some other woman who is going to care for the infant or young child. Without going into the issue of extended family networks, which themselves are deteriorating, the person most suitable to raising a baby is the baby’s mother. She is more suited for obvious biological reasons and by temperament. This is just a fact of human existence… that the feminists frequently like to omit.

The Playing Field is not Even (Part One)

Men are different from women. We all know that. There are expectations on a man that are not on a woman and vise versa. But if the feminists want “equality,” then it must be genuine “equality” and not selective equality—not an Orwellian, “some animals are more equal than others,” kind of equality. I’ve used this example many times before in debates on this topic. If there is a time of civil unrest, like a Hurricane Katrina, and the lowlifes are prowling about in the streets looting and pillaging, if the husband stands in front of the house with the Mossberg defending the homestead, while wife and child are cowering under the bed or in the bathtub, we simply say that he is doing what we would expect a man to do, and that the woman and young child are not blameworthy for their behavior. Now, let us reverse the roles. If the wife is in front of the house with the twelve gauge, and the husband is under the bed crying along with the baby, the image is so absurd that it is laughable. But if we are to believe in the doctrine of feminism, then we should not blame the man in scenario two any more than the woman in scenario one. But we all do.

I say the above to say that we don’t believe in “equality.” What is desired is fairness, or as one person said: “Islam establishes gender justice.” Equality and justice are quite often two different things. What is desired is that men fulfill their roles and women fulfill theirs, for the two roles are complementary and should not be competitive. Feminism, and Cultural-Marxism in general, is based upon the premise of pitting women against men, and placing the two sexes in opposing and hostile camps. And, as I said earlier, this was done by design to weaken the family and increase the power of the (fascist) state. If the families are busted up, or at best dysfunctional, then that means that the women, in particular, will become dependents of the state (males may become dependents of the state, but usually in a different—part of the fallout of feminism is that the dysfunctional males not too infrequently end up behind bars).

If anyone takes a course on feminism (as yours truly did) one will see that the feminist writers have a virulent hatred for patriarchy, that is, social order dominated by men—which includes every civilization in history. Because of this hatred of patriarchy, feminists hate organized religion. Feminists hate religion—meaning religions that claim to follow tradition—because they cannot find any religion that establishes “equal-equality” between men and women as part of their tradition. Some of these feminists will then turn to neo-paganism and call for the, as they say, “sacredness of all things female.” Again, for a Muslim who is thinking about identifying as a “feminist,” she (or he) has to ask herself how does neo-paganism or any of this fit with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam). Quasi-Muslim apologists can twist and turn and squirm and say what they may say, but it is very clear to the honest Muslim that Islam is a patriarchal religion. Men are ordered to be the heads of the households and heads of the society. Anyone who says otherwise is either unfamiliar with what the Prophet taught or is belying Islam. This does not negate the absolutely indispensable role that Muslim women have in society, at the same time, we don’t rewrite Muslim history or change Islamic Sacred Law because it might offend sensibilities of a contemporary secular supremacist.

The Playing Field is not Even (Part 2)

Most women are going to desire to have children. Again, in Islam, fornication and bastardy is a non-option. For a woman to have a child, she needs to get married. The secular university system is not only hostile to family life in its rhetoric, its very structure is hostile to family life, chastity, and morality. (All one needs to do is go down Frat House Row on a Friday eve to see scenes from a modern day Caligula played out—or sit in on a “Women and Gender” class, for that matter.) Men traditionally went to college so they could get moderately well-paying jobs so they could afford to take care of a family. Ideally, if the woman worked, it was merely part-time or optional work. (This atheist beast is able to figure this much out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpA7pfR0FIc&feature=related). And even today, in this age of alleged “equal-equality,” if a man tells his wife that she needs to go out to work, and he will stay home and play Warcraft and go to Bass Pro or Home Depot to spend her money, most people—female and male—will look at such a man contemptuously. If the roles are reversed, most people will not consider the woman to be a mere “freeloader.” She is a woman who found a man who is willing to provide for her, and that is considered a good thing.

The university system tells a woman that she must get “educated” (in non-Newspeak, that typically means indoctrinated and trained for employment in the consumer-producer process). After a Bachelor’s, she needs to get a Master’s. After that, she will need to get into a career for several years. By this time she is pushing 30 years of age, and the clock of biology is ticking. She may look for several years; now she is 34 years old. Does anyone think that a 34 year old woman has more marriage prospects than a woman a decade or more younger? What has been the product of feminism in this case? Will feminism alleviate the loneliness and sadness of this woman? Will feminism bring a man into her life to take away the disappointment and bitterness?

Here in this video, we see how clueless these women are (it is apparent that the education system failed to inform these woman about the nature of the sexes—they probably only got the feminist version): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i1bqLZZX4M

These women think that men want in women what women want in men. Typically, a man is not impressed by a woman’s degrees. After all, the man knows that college, even for those not in the social sciences, is a hotbed of feminist indoctrination. A man is not impressed by how much money a woman makes—or the title of her position. If anything, he will think that the more degrees, money, or high position, in all likelihood, it means that she is going to be more contentious. What a man is looking for is not someone who makes more money then he. He is looking for someone who is easy to get along with, someone who will be a good wife, and someone who will be a good mother to his children. He wants to be with someone whom he feels that making the sacrifice to spend his hours, his weeks, and years at work is all worthwhile.

God-fearing Muslim men go to college to get moderately well-paying jobs so they can attract a mate. Women are creatures of comfort, who seek security and ultimately wish for someone to provide for them (again, you don’t find men talking about how they want to find a wife who will support them (other than, perhaps, your ghetto quasi-Salafi welfare Mack-Daddy types)). Men marry down or across; women marry across or up—and much, much, much more preferably up. A woman with a Master’s from Yale doesn’t look to marry a guy who just got his GED last week. Yet, for a Muslim man, an educated Muslim man, he will not typically have a problem marrying a Sister who is considerably less educated than he or makes less money—or doesn’t want to work at all (outside the household). An educated Muslim man looking for a wife has the option to bounce to a Morocco or a Yemen, where there is a good chance within twelve hours of landing he would be receiving marriage proposals (an educated Muslim woman might also receive proposals, but chances are she doesn’t want to marry someone who makes seven grand every three years).

This is not an attempt to take a swipe at the Sisters. I am trying to say in a straightforward manner that feminism is a LIE. Feminism promises things of this dunya that it can’t deliver (and, of course, doesn’t consider one’s Afterlife at all). It doesn’t meet the needs of Sisters—and is not designed to. Feminism tries to make women like (I mean imitate) men, while the needs of women are different from men. And also, this ideology (feminism) is being used by the opponents of Islam to destabilize Muslim societies, just at feminism has been used to destabilize communities here within America.

Also, let me be clear about the issue of education. I am not saying that no Sisters should go to college or get advanced degrees. But what is needed is for those Sisters to have a critical understanding of what they are getting themselves into, the indoctrination process, and the typical sacrifices that go along with delaying marriage for the sake of a degree (or degrees). Everything has a cost, and Sisters need to be cognizant of the the consequences of their choices. The Ummah is in desperate need of courageous, devout, God-fearing, and religiously learned Muslim Sisters, who are also university educated and capable of breaking down this Cultural-Marxists propaganda, including, feminism (so the men don’t have to). We are also in need of Sisters who will go into fields, such as, medicine and childhood education. However, to date, I have seen very few Muslims (or even those who at least identify as such) having candid (non-apologists) discussions on this topic. It is far better for a woman to be a good wife and mother with sound Emaan, than it is for her to have degrees but be weak in faith or have an ill belief. As things are now, Muslim Sisters, as a rule, are utterly unprepared to deal with the propaganda in many college courses. They simply haven’t been given the tools to think critically about these issues, and this is a general failure of the Islamic education process of Muslims in America.

I have more on this subject (and don’t think that I let the Muslim males off the hook, but it wasn’t my objective to address them in this entry). This was just intended to stimulate some thought and discussion. We need to upgrade our understanding of our religion visa vis secularism, and how defend ourselves from its onslaught. Also, we need to discuss how to build stable families and communities, so that our Islamic values can remain intact.

With Allah is the success, and Allah knows best.

1If one simply considers the amount of money advertisers spend to manipulate the minds of the masses for corporate profit and control, it should make one realize that, to put it in the vernacular, people are “getting played,” on a global level.

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2 Responses to A Letter to My Muslim Sister

  1. Lisa Aburumman says:

    Barak Allahu feek Brother. I wish that you could write without the need for disclaimers. I wish, as Muslims we could put our cultural/socio-political brainwashing to the side and take this beautiful Religion as it is. We have been blessed with the way if we are only willing to submit.
    As a woman , I absolutely agree. Men and women are different. Get over it. Society functions better with set roles. Your personal experiences and feelings are special , but have little relevance to the bigger picture. Are men and their dominant role in a society a necessity? Absolutely.
    Having said that, should a Brother practice ihsan in his dealings with his female relatives? Yes. Should he take into consideration the mercy of the woman who not only performs her obligations, but optional acts like cooking and cleaning? YES. But that is the issue. We have allowed modern western culture to tell us that we are in a “Battle of the Sexes” instead of practicing ihsan in our family. We should be competing to see who can be the most kind, the most patient with the other (with correct intention).
    In a battle of the sexes, women can’t win. And if women lose, children lose. Then we have lost another generation and tell each other we don’t know why.
    Now, should we be patient with violent physical or emotional abuse, destructive addiction, adultery or blasphemy, NO!
    If a Brother comes at me with an arrogant attitude EXPECTING that I wi ll do more than my obligations because he is soooo amazing and I should be greatful to him (especially if he is not fulfilling his obligations, such as bringing prepared food home for his family), umm….check yourself before you wreck yourself!
    We need more honest dialog in the community expressing the beauty of our differences. Men should be able to express their views and be heard and understood by women. These are the fathers of our children. If you don’t think that’s important, check the kids at school who don’t have a dad show up for ‘Father/Child Day’s at school.
    You are a seemingly lone voice in the wilderness, Brother. Don’t stop writing!

    • facetofloor says:

      Thank you for the response. We need to have a dialogue, and boys/young men need to be prepped and trained for fatherhood and being leaders of the household. In-shaa’, this can be the beginning of the discussion.

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