Don’t Snore on the Apologists

Don’t Snore on the Apologists

It was said:
(Let’s be ABSOLUTELY clear that the one who rejects or belies what is commonly known and well-established as part of Islam is not a Muslim—regardless of what such a person may call him or herself.)

We’ve been warning about this for some time. Again, people should not underestimate the kind of threat that these so-called “progressives” are to the Muslims in the West. Many just dismiss them as extreme ignoramuses and deviants, but what they are doing is opening the door for Muslims to tolerate and normalize “less” deviant behavior. The objective is to redraw the line as to what some might call “moderate” Islam and what is “extremist” Islam.

In my opinion, the apologists/the Western pop-culture propaganda matrix are as great a threat to Muslims in the West as the radical extremists and Wahhabis. Please, do not sleep on the apologists/”modernists.” Their arguments are very persuasive to those who have grown up in a culture saturated with secularism and have little background in the traditional Islamic sciences (much less Islamic polemics and counter-arguments to Western ideologies).

The subject is touched upon here:


May I say politely that I don’t think folks are getting it. When people talk about “proving” that such a prayer is invalid and then quoting scholarly sources to demonstrate such, this is futile to do with a person who does not accept the framework from which you are operating (just as one does not quote (as a primary source) the Qur’an to refute a Christian or an atheist). You have to address erroneous underlying principles from which these apologists operate. The apologists are operating from a secular/anti-traditional perspective, and this is the general zeitgeist of popular culture (it says that tradition is “old fashioned” and outdated and that we must believe in the promise of some utopia that will come in the future with more “progress”).

One has to keep in mind that the VAST MAJORITY of second generation Muslim youth have NO TRAINING in the traditional Islamic sciences. And it is safe to say that MANY of the first generation Muslim immigrants also did not have such training, but what they did have was an attachment to Islamic culture (or at least the culture of their Muslim country). They may be dirt-ignorant about the details of Islamic jurisprudence, but they knew certain things were right or wrong because that is simply what Muslims do (or don’t do). However, in this country, there is no real Islamic culture (or culture from Muslim countries) outside of a few pockets where some Muslims are concentrated. Instead, what a Muslim child is exposed to is secularism/Cultural Marxism. They are indoctrinated into the ideology of “equality,” “tolerance (as the secularists),” “anti-judgmentalism,” “human rights” (again, as the secularists define them), “democracy,” ad nauseum.

In the contemporary culture these ideas are part of the standard operating system—and they are not to be challenged. How many Muslim high school seniors do you think are out there in America who can break down the folly of democracy, or write a five page essay on why Muslims do not believe in “equality” between the genders, or give a twenty minute lecture in front of a mixed (Muslim and non-Muslim) audience on the absurdity of claiming two men can marry each other? Let’s be real: WE ARE NOT AT ALL PREPARED FOR THE REALITY OF THIS 21ST CENTURY CORPORATE-CONSUMER SECULAR SOCIETY. And these youth have no wherewithal to resist it. To date, we—the older Muslims—have failed to educate the next generation properly. Now, we have to wake the <expletive> up.

With that said, for a person who has grown up with the notion of “equality,” of course, she (or maybe even he) is going to question why women can’t lead the prayers? After all, to claim that one believes in gender “equality,” and not allow the women to lead the prayers is hypocritical. We have to keep in mind that she (or he) has grown up hearing from her indoctrinators about the so-called “evils of patriarchy.” She (or he) has been told that what is needed is “progress,” and progress is for women to gain (selective) “sameness” with men. If you tell her (or him) “Bukhari reported” or that that “Abu Hanifah said,” she (or he) is going to tell you that she (or he) doesn’t take from men who record “sexist” and “homophobic” remarks in their works. What is needed is for Muslims to be trained in polemics, so they can tear down the facade of secularism and Cultural Marxism (along with the proofs from standard traditional Islamic scholarship). Without that, the Muslims (talking about younger Muslims, in particular) are completely vulnerable to the propaganda/pop culture matrix they are totally submerged in.

Post Script

More Cultural Marxist gibberish from an apologist:

And if one truly wishes to understand what is driving this apologist agenda, one should read the summary version of this Rand Report:

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