Say NO to Haqqaphobia

Say NO to Haqqaphobia

Maa-shaa’ Allah, me thinks Brother Ali has coined his own neologism… “Haqqaphobia.”  I  never felt comfortable with the term “Islamophobia.”  Phobia means an “irrational fear.”  Many of the Haqqaphobes don’t have an “irrational” fear of Islam.  They are infatuated with their delusions and their lies, and they know Muslims are for the TRUTH (Haqq).  The Haqq and falsehood don’t go together; hence, they fear Islam.  This is not an irrational fear (at least on one level—ultimately, it is irrational to prefer falsehood over Truth) but an understanding of a very basic principle: the light of Truth eliminates the darkness of ignorance and exposes falsehood.

These Haqqaphobes fear that Islam will get strong and the Muslims will rise again (as the Prophet has foretold).  That fear isn’t irrational—it’s a natural expected thing that the people who love lies and deception would fear the propagation of Truth.  Also, in saying that these people are “Haqqaphobic” it points to the fact that these are not interested in the Truth regardless of what one calls it.  It is enough to consider that when the Haqqaphobes attack Islam, they present strawman arguments, use a multitude of emotional appeals to a dumbed-down ignorant populace, and NEVER honestly present the Muslims’ rationale for their positions… and they NEVER mention what Muslims believe about the Creator.

If you are debating with someone and you SINCERELY wish to arrive at the truth of the matter, you present your opponents arguments in the strongest possible fashion, and THEN you expose his (or her) inconsistencies—if there are any (sometimes in a debate there isn’t any genuine difference once people come to an agreement of about the terms being used).  If one sincerely wants to understand what motivates Muslims, then one has to seek to understand what Muslims believe about the Creator, for the sincere Muslim, his (or her) actions should be motivated by a desire to obey God.  This leads to understanding the arguments Muslims use for the Creator’s Existence and Attributes.

Once we establish that the Creator exists, that the Creator must necessarily be Unique and without any partners and without any needs, that the Creator has no beginning or end and is not subject to change, that the Creator is Omnipotent and Omniscient, that the Creator exists without being in time, place, distance or direction—that the Creator is gloriously Perfect and Holy and clear of any blemish or defect, then, for the objective and reasonable person, he has to admit that Muslims have the proper belief in the Creator.

From there we establish that although the human intellect has the capacity to recognize the Oneness and Perfection of the Creator, the mind by itself cannot perceive what course of action would be to the person’s ultimate benefit in this world… or whether or not there is a life to come after this dimension of existence, i.e., after we expire.   This would lead to talking about Prophets, that the Prophets embody the highest human virtues; how the Prophets prove their Prophethood through the performance of miracles; how the miracles are not “fairy tales,” for recognizing that things may occur contrary custom doesn’t mean that they are “impossible”—the Creator, the One Who makes human life out of body fluid has the Power over all the creations, which includes the customary matters and the uncustomary ones.  From that point, we establish that the Prophet Muhammad is a Prophet, he performed miracles, and we can be certain that he did so because the reports about many of them reached us by mutawaatir (i.e., numerous witnesses to incredible events that were conveyed to numerous other people and so on in such a manner that it is inconceivable that all those people conspired to lie).

And if a person was even more honest in seeking the Truth, then he would mention WHY Muslims don’t believe that the universe somehow “created itself before it was existing,” like the atheists claim, or that the Creator of the universe impregnated a 12 or 13 year old “girl” and materialized in her womb, like the Christians claim… and so on.  But the truth of the matter is that the Haqqaphobic have no desire to follow the Truth—and definitely don’t want others who might be seeking or lost and confused to know the Truth.  This is why they bring up matters about Islam that are wrenched waaaaay out of context, appeal to people’s emotions and not their reason to turn people away from Islam and away from the Truth.

The other thing the Haqqaphobic do is use some guy rockin’ a suicide belt, thinking he’s going to go to Paradise, if he detonates himself at the local orphanage as an “example” of “Islamic piety.”  Not to justify what this fool is about to do, but the Haqqaphobes adroitly avoid mentioning any context—no mentioning that he saw his mother and sister shot in the head by corporate-fascist mercenaries, or that his baby was droned, or that his best friend lost his legs to a cluster bomb.

Similarly, the Haqqaphobes will take the frothing at the mouth ignoramus and use him as an example why Muslims can’t be reasoned with.  (That’s like me going to the local parasitic J-Hill corna sto’ and interviewing the drunk, the half-wit, the prostitute, and the dope fiend and explaining why democracy is an absurd idea.)  Again, all the while the “Haqqaphobic” very shrewdly remove all context… and are careful never to deal with Muslims who are rooted in the knowledge of their religion and are familiar with the conventional Western mindset.

The matter boils down to:

1. We have a Creator (the Creator is Perfect, beyond compare or need)

2. This life is not without purpose (our Creator deserves to be worshiped; we must obey the Commands of our Creator, as we know them from the Prophet of God, Muhammad (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam)

3. This life is not the end of our existence (there is an Afterlife and accountablity for what we did, said, and believed)

It is only Islam that satisfies the needs of the human being.  Islam guides people to the proper understanding of Who the Creator is.  Islam reforms and edifies the human being through the proper worship and obedience to the Creator.  Islam prepares the human being for the long journey ahead after we blow our last breath on this plane of existence.  Praying to a human being or something in the imagination isn’t the same as worshiping God.  And secularism isn’t going to save one in the grave.  Islam liberates the mind and soul from the burdens and maladies of false worship, anti-worship, mendacity, and insincerity that go along with Haqqaphobia—because Islam is the Haqq that our Lord has ordered us to follow.

May Allah, our Lord, make us among the humble, truthful, wise, and sincere and enable us to die on the Haqq—on the Religion of Islam.

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