Why the Confusion?

Why the Confusion?

This is something that i came across today, and i want to go into to more detail later, in-shaa’ Allah, but i figured it’s important to share, so that people can think about what is going on with those who claim to represent traditional Sunni Islam in this country.

It was said:


This is what i intend to get to regarding the intellectual laziness of (many) African-American Muslims in this series: https://facetofloor.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/the-african-american-muslim-in-2012/. If the matters of the True `Aqidah are not sorted out, and the issues of kufr (disbelief) and riddah are not taught and made abundantly clear, then it opens the door for all kinds of heresy and blasphemy. I don’t see how one cannot conclude that there is INTENTIONAL CONFUSION being propagated by African-American allegedly “Sunni” traditionalists. Why not teach the proper Creed—these characters are all familiar with how the Sunni scholars explained the `Aqidah. And why do they INTENTIONALLY avoid educating the masses about matters pertaining to apostasy? Again, the Sunni scholars wrote extensively on this topic. How can you claim to love Muslim, but encourage them to be ignorant on how to protect their Islam in a time of great fitnah and disbelief.

There is a CLEAR CAMPAIGN being promoted by those who CLAIM TO BE Sunni leaders to undermine the basics of the Islamic Belief. On the one hand, you have the likes of one professor who signs-off on a Nation Nut’s Ph. D., that tries to “prove” Allah is a (black) human being. On the other hand, you have, and i just discovered this today, the so-called: “Coalition of African-American Muslims,” which includes the Farrakhanis (see refutation of Farrakhanism here: https://facetofloor.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/refutation-of-farrakhanism-the-so-called-nation-of-islam/).

And then you have another person (although not African-American) who writes a 20+ page document in which he can’t define what a non-Muslim is. And more recently, in a video (apparently) he claims that those who reject Prophet Muhammad will be saved in the Hereafter. Something is going on here. This cannot be all just one big mistake or oversight. These so-called “leaders” are INTENTIONALLY trying to dumb down the Muslims are lie to the general public. Please share this information near and wide.





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