G-Weed Prep



Pour 8-12 oz of spring water into a pot. Bring to a fish eye (that is when the water starts to look like fish eyes and not quite to a boil). Take a teaspoon of the tea, and put in the water. Turn the

water down to very low and keep as such for 3-4 minutes for a light refreshing tea, but i would advise you to make a more potent/medicinal brew. Just keep the tea on low for 20 minutes (or longer). Then drink. You do NOT need sweetener—it is already naturally sweet. Take a cup in the morning (instead of coffee—or whatever folks drink); take another cup in the mid-afternoon (especially, good for those folks who start to feel tired at that time). And you might want to take one more cup before dinner (preferably, you should take the tea on an empty stomach).

Once the tea gets into your system, you can just take the first two cups. Also, what i would do is use the tea from the first batch (in the morning) and mix it with a half a tsp with the afternoon batch. The tea leaves are totally edible, but i usually use a dollar store strainer when i pour the tea—although, i will mix the g-weed tea with other herbal brews i make.

Enjoy and spread the word!


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