Quotation 51 Of Negroes and Christianity

Quotation 51 Of Negroes and Christianity


“Because the Negro church is such a free field and it is controlled largely by the Negroes themselves, it seems that practically all the incompetents and undesirables who have been barred from other walks of life by race prejudice and economic difficulties have rushed into the ministry for the exploitation of the people.”

“Sometimes you find as many as two or three store-front churches in a single block where Negroes indulge in heathen-like practices which could hardly be equaled in the jungle.  The Negroes in Africa have not descended to such depths.”

“The Negro has been so busy doing what he is told to do that he has not stopped long enough to think about the meaning of these things [that is, the reasons for Protestant sectarianism (—or the absurdities of Christian doctrine)].”

“The Negroes could not be expected to raise a higher standard than their aristocratic governing class [i.e., the white slave owners] teeming with sin and vice.”

“It is very clear then, that if the Negroes got their conception of religion from slaveholders, libertines, and murderers, there maybe something wrong about it and WOULD NOT HURT TO INVESTIGATE IT [my emphasis].”

—Carter G. Woodson, The Miseducation of the Negro


Given that it is “The Season,” it is important that African-American Muslims (and others) educate black folk about the reality of Christianity.  Looooooong before Christianity reached the shores of America, the Bible had been altered, the genuine teachings of Jesus had been distorted, and the European masses had been duped (or forced) into believing a set of doctrines that could not be deemed by any reasonable standards as anything other than fraudulent (for more on this see the following: https://facetofloor.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/why-we-dont-celebrate-christmas/).

It is not so much that black people were treated in a barbaric fashion by the white slavemasters (for a person may know the Truth and still be evil and abusive), but the fact of the matter is that the Christian Europeans who foisted Christianity on the American slaves did not have the authentic teachings of Jesus.  And the ludicrous doctrine of claiming the Creator of the Universe sired a child, and became the son of Himself, and then had to get murdered so people’s sins could be forgiven was an innovation that was formalized HUNDREDS of years after Jesus’ time on Earth.

In reality, Christianity became the “state religion” of black America largely because black folk knew little else.  Sincere independent research and study all point to the fact that Christianity is a fabrication made at the hands of a few corrupt clergy and political rulers—going way back to the first centuries of the Common Era.  Sadly, many African-Americans are too negligent to simply investigate the history of Christianity and how it came to be.  Nonetheless, some African-Americans do investigate, and many, praise Allah, as a result have embraced Islam.

The Muslim belief in God is plain, pure, and easy to understand: there is One Perfect, Omniscient Creator, Who is the Creator of everything and absolutely does not need or resemble anything.  The Creator existed before any of the creations (before light and darkness, distance and direction, time and space).  The Creator does not have a color, or size, or dimensions; the Creator does not have a comrade, wife, offspring, or lineage.  The Creator is not an object.  The Creator is not a material or spiritual being.  The Creator (Allah) exists without a place.  Whatever you imagine in your mind, God is different from that.  This is the True Belief in the Creator, and this is, in reality, what Jesus taught.  For more on this, please see here:


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