Alternative Health: The Industry

Alternative Health: The Industry

I am going to stress this again. We need to take more responsibility for our health. A big part of this is changing our relationship to food. That is, we need to see food as our medicine, and not merely something to stuff in our our bodies to indulge the nafs (base desires). Also, it must be understood that there is a system in place that is designed to profit from producing human misery.

First they contaminate the food with all sorts of disease causing fertilizers and pesticides (that’s aside from the genetically modified Franken-Food). Then the “food” is processed and all sorts of chemicals, refined white sugars, excessive salt, and high fructose corn syrup is added. After consuming this mess for years, one almost inevitably starts to get sick, and then they roll out the dope dealing pharmaceutical companies and as they refer to them their “whores” (allopathic doctors) to prescribe their concoctions.



The solution is for people to educate themselves and their families and to simply RESIST YOUR IMPULSES to consume this stuff. This mess is BY DESIGN. Simply consider this: if the “medical” industry were about healing people and having a healthy society, it would large put itself out of business… which is something they definitely don’t want to do.

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