Message from a Mangina

Message from a Mangina

“A male feminist. A man who is overly concerned with women’s issues to the point of complacency or contempt for those of his own gender. ” (From the “Urban Dictionary”)

It is particularly sad and disconcerting to see someone with the name “Mahmoud” producing such tripe. The statistics he produces at the beginning of the article are pretty much in line with what I’ve encountered elsewhere. First of all, I don’t know of any society that promotes “gender equality.” What is promoted is feminism and “selective equality.” That is, equality in areas in which women can compete with men… but not “equality” in areas where women can’t compete with men (such as, in contact sports or in prison cells). However, on the other hand, no such equality is promoted for men in the area or domestic abuse charges, of child custody (women become the primary custodians in the vast majority if cases), or reproductive matters (a woman can have an abortion against a man’s will—but at the same time she can have a baby that she wants—but he doesn’t–and force the man to pay child support on that child). This clearly doesn’t constitute “equality.” It constitutes something else… it constitutes some sort of an agenda. This is the best brief clip i’ve encountered on that agenda to date:

This is what is really going on here. But of course in those Cultural-Marxist institutes of allegedly higher learning (i.e., indoctrination), arguments that are contrary to the narrative of feminism are labeled “hate speech”… and are not allowed in these supposed bastions of “tolerance.”

As for women dominating in the universities, it is understandable. Much of the primary schooling today is designed for girls. The competitive energetic boy is often seen as a threat, and is given psychoactive drugs. If it doesn’t go to that extent, still many boys grow up in single mother homes and in classrooms dominated by women (and now even the administration is dominated by women). Many boys. simply. tune. out. Also, by the time the guy is college age, he may figure out that something is going with the education/indoctrination system—and things are not playing out to his favor… or even to “equality.”

Also, women are creatures of comfort. They understand that if they go to college and jump through the hoops, then they can get a well-paying job in cozy little office somewhere—no questions asked. That means they can have money and go shopping and buy things at the mall. For men, they usually are only interested in trinkets and shiny little things (or shiny big things) to the extent that they can attract women. If a man can get women without having those shiny things, then guess what? He will not be motivated to go to school or go to work. If there isn’t a moral revulsion against fornication or a sense of the importance of family life, there is no compelling reason for a guy to become responsible.

Dave summarizes this humorously (but vulgarly) in the first 1:40 of this video:

This is the reality of the differences between the genders. No amount of social engineering can change this fact. If there are plenty of easy-access women, there will also be plenty of trifling shiftless men. If you doubt this… then familiarize yourself with the black ghettos in America.

Regarding what the author calls gendercide (a term only a mangina would use such a term), why didn’t women simply stop men from abusing them? If a man threatened a woman, then why didn’t women simply beat the man down? If societies of the past abused women, then why didn’t women seize control of the societies and dominate men (or at least establish “equally-equal” societies)? We all know the response to the those questions… it leads to something that the feminists don’t want to recognize… men and women ain’t the same.

Mahmoud says:

“Highly successful women in Egyptian society are openly talking and lamenting the disappearance of ‘the golden standard male’. Many are now supporting their husbands and those are the ones who have found husbands to marry. Talk to the single ones and you will hear lamentations to no end.”

I’m confident that (many) highly successful males aren’t lamenting about their inability to find wives. Again why is that? Why can’t these “highly successful” women (here, I am assuming he means by “highly successful,” engrossed in money and dunya) find mates? The reason being is that women don’t marry down. They marry across or up. Whereas the “highly successful” male can marry one of his social peers, he can also marry the girl from the village—or the maid. Women—especially “highly successful” ones—find it hard to marry among the socially humble. So much for same-sameness among the genders.

Now Mahmoud, starts heading over the cliff that manginas of Muslim heritage usually do. He says:

“And the men refuse to acknowledge the situation [of the shift in gender roles], insisting on being the decision-makers despite not being the providers, with their authority now entirely founded and dependent on spirituality and religion. In actuality, violence and religion have become their only weapon left.”

There has been a MAJOR failure of men underestimating the threat of feminism. After all, it is difficult to oppose “fair play,” which was the rhetorical platform of feminism. But feminism was never about “fair play.” Feminism was about social subversion, and taking women out of their homes and away from their families, so they could be more easily exploited by the corporate-consumer complex. The other reason why men, at least in the West where fornication is rampant, were silent about feminism was that feminism granted these males easy-access to women. (You don’t bite the hand that feeds you—or lays you.) And now, the men in the West are paying the price. As for feminism in the Muslim world, this is clearly an artificial and alien ideology imposed upon societies by the dominate Western (global corporate) hegemony.

No Muslim can doubt the authority that men have. Male authority—as are all the rights and authorities human beings have—is granted by the Creator of the Universe as conveyed by the Messenger of Allah. No Muslim doubts such is a bad thing. To the contrary, male authority is a good thing. As for violence, again, this mangina doesn’t deal with the underlying issue of why women don’t simply the violence perpetrated against them by men? The answer is obvious: women are in need of the protection of (responsible) men. If the man’s authority is undermined, and if the society is producing a mass of lost, confused, dysfunctional males, you will end up with manginas, and with nihilistic thugs. The nihilistic thugs will attack and abuse women, and the emasculated males, who grew up being taught that men and women are equally-equal, will expect the women to fend for themselves, just as guys would be expected to fend for themselves. (Incidentally, you rarely hear about a guy getting traumatized by a group of groping women on Egyptian public transit.)

Lastly, the author says:

Hence the constitution, where Islamists insist that women obey them in the household. Hence the Salafi [he might mean Wahhabi, but all observant Muslims would agree with this point] preachers who are promoting younger female marriages all the time, just so that they can get the girls out of school and out of competition. And in reality, those are all acts of desperation, of a gender that is losing its dominance globally and is unable to cope with it without violence or oppression that they use religion to excuse. In western countries, men just get depressed.

Following the Sunnah of the Prophet is not an act of desperation. It is the only means of liberation from perilous nature of false worship and misguided man (or woman)-made ideologies. Isn’t it part of Islam that the wives should be obedient to their husbands? Isn’t it part of Islam that people (males and females) are encouraged to get married young? Doing so helps prevent the sort of moral decay we see in the Western societies. Marrying young was, after all, a specific instruction from the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam). Also, why is it necessary to have more and more women in the workforce competing with men and taking their jobs? Let the men work—have the opportunity to be responsible–and let the women be home taking care of the children. This is the way of our predecessors… and as Muslims, we consider those who came before us, as a whole, to be superior to us.

It has to be asked again: why does Mahmoud keep failing to mention the agencies and the ideology that is promoting this “always-equally-equal-sometimes” feminist ideology… and how it is based upon contradictions, lies, and deception? Sadly, lost souls, like Mahmoud, abound in the Muslim world. Instead of following the Sunnah of the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam), they follow the Sunnah of the secularists. Their frame of reference is not what the righteous Muslims say, but what they are fed by their global corporate masters. Feminism is a sham that was—as stated by its founders—intended to undermine society by having women compete with men, instead of men and women cooperating and taking roles that are in accordance with their natural temperaments. Feminism has nothing to do with “truth.” And it certainly has nothing to do with salvation of one’s self in the Hereafter.

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One Response to Message from a Mangina

  1. Hyde says:

    It is troubling but funny when you see stuff like this coming from Egypt and Pakistan, from these so liberally educated secularist who think if the traditional order of past years that has lasted for a millennium onward must change and women and men must reverse roles, which is absurd. Manginas, Islamic feminist, and what next ?

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