Coming to America

A lil Ole Schoole flow for the folks at the “Corna Stoes”:


Liquid-drug-truck deliverin’ death in front of your shop.
To the walkin’ horizontals it’s their “legal” narcotic.

As for you–false hopes got you caught up and cuffed–
To a register you strive to keep ill-bill stuffed.

Chasin… dead Masons:
While your children’s flesh flourishes foul from the haraam–
Feedin’ Muslims and Non- at the noon of Ramadan.

Sellin’ the hit-in-the-head–and even the hogged out bacon.
Satan’s got you constantly calculatin’ the filthy faloos you be makin’.

Ignorant, immigrants dealin’ ill with the native urban savage:
Slingin’ lotto, porn, swine and wine–takin’ advantage–
Of the lost and poor–whose own affairs they can’t manage.

So wuthcha doin?–Instead of Deenin’ ‘em up–you’re tearin’ ‘em down.
But what goes around comes around.
Behind the counter shot dead in the head found.
By many, it might not seem PRO-found:
Simply the consequence of being a slave-to-self and dunya bound.




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One Response to Coming to America

  1. Karema says:

    Love it

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