African-American Exodus (part 1)


(I’m not trying to promote the Wahhabi site called “Muslim Matters,” but i felt that it is important to address this attitude of Black Apologists who simply refuse—at all costs—to really at the condition of African-American CULTURE and why other ethnic groups and cultures look down on black folk. Also, i think that my post will get censored.)

There is a difference between racism and “culturalism.” It is one thing to have disdain for a group of people because of their physical features, and it is another to have disdain for a given culture. Hating someone for their physical features is wrong. Hating a reprobate CULTURE is commendable.

Black ghetto culture isn’t something to be envied, admired, or romanticized about. It is enough to consider that black males (of all ages) constitute 6% of the population but commit 40% of the murders. In Chicago, for instance, blacks and Latinos commit NINETY-FIVE percent of all murders. (That means the 55% of the rest of the population commits 5% of the murders.) Folks can talk day and night about racial bias in prison sentencing and powder versus crack cocaine laws, but the ineluctable fact remains that African-American males commit an astronomically disproportionate amount of violent (and other) street crimes. One need not go any further than the murder rate in the black ghetto culture to demonstrate how despicable it is.

What is particularly dangerous is that those higher up the social food chain are normalizing—no, glamorizing—this degenerate culture via the media. The toxic nature of this stupid nafs-driven ghetto culture not only has infected a whole generation of African-American Muslim youth who happen to live in lower income minority neighborhoods, but this degenerate culture has also contaminated Muslim youth who would have normally had no connection with said culture.

Also, one should keep in mind that many of these black ghetto denizens actually LIKE IT THAT WAY. It is not just a matter of “poverty.” Simply consider the lifestyles of many rappers. Some are relatively to very wealthy… yet, they still live degenerate lifestyles. It isn’t poverty that makes them live in such manner, it is the state of the heart. Foul people like living foul.

As for conversion rates, as black culture slides deeper into the nihilistic abyss of hip-hop with its acceptance and normalization (and promotion) of drugs, alcohol, fornication, single mother homes, and now even sodomy and lesbianism, one (Allah knows best) can anticipate that there will be fewer and fewer African-American converts to Islam, for someone who has grown up on hip hop and Cultural Marxism simply cannot relate to Muslim values.

As for those AA who do convert, if they do not make a CLEAN BREAK from this ghetto gutter culture, then they will only breed children into dysfunctional pathological homes, in which, the children will typically be ignorant of the Deen and caught up in the web of ghetto life. It is the duty for African-American Muslims—those serious about their Deen—to declare (figurative) war upon this degenerate culture before it further contaminates the society and the Ummah.

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