(This is a response to someone regarding my first post on the “African-American Exodus.”)

Brother, the post did not get past the censors (at the Wahhabi site called “Muslim Matters”). I’ve had this discussion before with this woman. In essence, from what she says, she was traumatized by racism at the mosques she went to when growing up. That’s understandable. The problem for these people is that they don’t seem able to see black people (meaning the culture and values of a very large portion of urban blacks) through the eyes of immigrant Muslims. If a considerable percentage of the black people you encounter are crude, have no manners, no morals, have illegitimate kids on the regular (70% of all black children are illegit—with a considerably higher percentage in the hood), are criminals and borderline criminals, are irrationally impulsive and the smallest perceived slight can lead to an episode of life threatening violence, etc., it would be (normal) human nature not to look up to such people. You will want to stay away from them… and you CERTAINLY wouldn’t want your kids associating with such people, and DEFINITELY you don’t want your daughters marrying them. That’s not “racist”—that’s common sense.

What this pathological underclass class attempts to do is run the guilt-game on immigrant Muslims, but it just doesn’t work, because these Muslims have nothing to do with American slavery (and anyway, slavery isn’t haraam). You don’t have Affirmative Action in Islam. You can guilt trip the liberal whites, but for an immigrant Muslim who has come from REAL CRUSHING poverty or war, he considers that the American black has it real good here with all sorts of guvmint handouts and special programs FOR BLACKS. The majority of this pathological underclass doesn’t take advantage of the system (to improve their lives—not just sustain their get-over welfare lifestyles) because, and this is what the libs can’t understand: THEY LIKE IT THAT WAY. Again, simply look at the lifestyles of the well-to-do rappers and many black athletes. After they get rich, they don’t become humble contributors to civil society. They just have more money to indulge in their nafs-driven degenerate lifestyles.

The problem doesn’t stop there. When you see virtually NONE of the black leadership willing to stand up to this nihilistic hip hop culture (they call this corrosive crap the “art form” of inner city youth), or the plague of fornication/illegitimacy, or the homo-sickos, ad nauseum… no—when you see the black leadership DEFENDING this clearly anti-social culture, then you can conclude that these people like it that way and don’t want out. The blacks who do speak out against this menace to society are called “self-haters” (the author of the article, by the way, tried to seal off any criticism by dropping a variant of that phrase in the article).

None of this lets the prison-military-industrial complex, or the genuine white racists, or the immigrant Muslims with their need-some-couch-time color/racial hang-ups off the hook. But if you are soooooooooo concerned about others looking down on you, then don’t give them an excuse. If you don’t want to be stereotyped… then don’t be the stereotype—and don’t defend the stereotype. There was a time when a considerably larger number of African-Americans lived by the adage, “If you are black, then you have to be better than everyone else.” What’s wrong with that? Instead of asking people to tolerate (or indulge in) your current pathological state, why not focus on developing a culture that surpasses others in, let’s say, learning and education, manners and morals, hard work and thrift, self-control and self-denial? This has certainly worked for the East Asians and is within reach of practically all black people. We know the answer: this class of people (as a rule) does not want to improve—it’s very existence is predicated on degeneracy. Also in Islam, we do recognize the significance of class (and I don’t mean only income—i mean CLASS).

If you doubt what I am saying, today is Friday: go to what they call the Ay-Rab corna-sto’ and suggest to the patrons that they shouldn’t purchase malt liquor from the proprietors of that premise (or any other premise), and they should not indulge in fornication, and it would be a good idea not to listen to rap music. It matters not how humble and sincere you make such a plea, you will put your physical being at risk. Again, foul people like living foul.

If the average black person you encountered was like a Barack Obama (and I am not talking about his policies or details of his personal life—i mean that he is apparently well-mannered, intelligent, well-read, well-spoken, and socially functional) would there be such an (very often) open disdain for the African-Americans among the immigrant Muslims? NO! The reason why African-Americans are looked down upon is not merely because of racism, it is “behaviorism” and the culture they choose to identify with. Although there isn’t much people can do to change their race, they can totally change their behavior and their self-identified culture—and we know on the Judgment Day we will be judged for the latter two and not the former.

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2 Responses to AFRICAN-AMERICAN EXODUS (part 2)

  1. sid says:

    Assalamu alaykum. As a 24 year old African American convert from Chicago, I agree a culture of ignorance has been promoted and permeates within the African American community. you are also correct that a large number of blacks like it that, but there are also a large number who want to do better and have done better. I for example am college and carry myself with self-respect and dignity. I think people must be judged on the individual merits of their character, even if the culture they have ascended from is unsavory. If we are going to judge based on culture we could judge Arabs since their countries have bred extremists and pushes Wahhabism. We could judge south Asians for the fact the Hindu caste systems has seeped into their culture. It is true that African American Muslims must rise above the culture of the black underclass, and many of us do. The same can be said for many Muslims around the world and their ignorant cultural practices.

    • facetofloor says:

      Wa `alaykumus-salaam, Sid,

      I am happy to hear you are doing well for yourself. I TOTALLY agree with you, my Brother. On the Judgment Day, we will be judged by our own merits (or lack thereof). But the fact of human nature is that we will in this life be judged by the culture that we apparently belong to.

      It is pointless, and not manly, to keep asking people not to be racist against us. Remind folks that racism indicates a defect in the character and understanding, and that racism is a sin, but after that, we have to “keep it moving.” Get educated, have good manners, obey Allah, and focus on (humbly) surpassing others in doing virtuous deeds. Build families and institutions
      that reflect those values, and God-willing, people will find it difficult to be racist against us. This is our job. We need to role up our sleeves.

      Also, if African-American Muslims develop a culture that is distinct from the black underclass, we can provide an ALTERNATIVE to those many black people who are FED UP with what has become increasingly “black culture.” This can be, in-shaa’ Allah, our gift to black folk and to America.

      As for other cultures being judged by their misfits and extremists, there is not a whole lot i can do for them—other than strive to educate people in the matters of the Religion. What we can do is demand higher standards from them—and from us. And it would be wise for us to take the initiative in this endeavor.

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