Quotation #53 Of the (Current) Black Condition

QUOTATION #53 Of the (Current) Black Condition

“The last few decades have witnessed nothing less than a breakdown of civilization within the African-American community. This breakdown is characterized by extremely high rates of criminal activity, by the normalization of illegitimacy, by the predominance of single-parent families, by high levels of addiction to to alcohol and drugs, by a parasitic reliance on government provision, by a hostility to academic achievement, and by a scarcity of independent enterprises. Civilizing institutions such as small business, the church***, and the family are now greatly weakened and in some areas they are on the verge of breaking down altogether. The next generation [which is this current generation] is especially vulnerable. The crisis is privately acknowledged by black scholars and activists, who discuss it incessantly among themselves.”

—D. D’Souza (The End of Racism)

I have to say that his book was the most comprehensive and thorough books i ever read on black folks in America. His criticisms are (for the most part) cogent and indisputable. He injects a level of objectivity (and intelligence) that is often lacking on the topic of race in this country. His writing style is engaging, as well. It’s worth the read.

***As for the Negro Church, granted it has been a bastion of blasphemy and has contributed to the deep-seated sense of inferiority that came from worshiping the image of a white man, the Negro Church was a major civilizing element and organizational institution for African-Americans in previous generations.




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