African-American Exodus: ‘It’s the Media’

African-American Exodus: “It’s the Media”

It was said:

<<<“idiots like lil wayne now define blackness because of the media, black people do not control the media. Followers of lil wayne help fill prisons, so it is good for business. There are many intelligent black men and women around with thoughtful and insightful things to say, but they will never get the exposure and catch the eyes and ears of the masses.

This same media has made Islam a religion of terror and Muslims savages in the minds of the masses. ‘The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.’-Malcolm X”>>>

I think it is important to address some of the points that the Brother has raised. As for the argument that the “media” is what makes black people look bad this is the standard claim of those influenced by Cultural Marxism (keep in mind that it is one of the premises of Cultural Marxism that “victim” must NEVER be responsible for his reprobate behavior). (Chris Rock explains part of the reason why the problem isn’t actually the media: –warning: profane language.)

For one, as we mentioned elsewhere, in Islam the person who follows another in misguidance is still responsible for his own behavior. On the Judgment Day such a person will not have the excuse that it was “my friends, family, the media, the society,” etc. that caused me to sin. When we do a voluntary deed, we EARN that deed and are ACCOUNTABLE for it—regardless of what those around us are doing (or not doing).

It is not merely “the media” that portrays black culture in a negative light—it is black culture that portrays itself in a negative light… and it is the media that is normalizing black urban jungle jahiliyyah culture (J-Hill) and making it look hip and appealing (especially to those who are the intellectually and/or morally challenged). Just ask this girl here at the 0:30 mark:

If the media portrayed Chinese American culture in the same manner inner city black American culture is portrayed, the stereotypes would simply not match up to reality. A visit to Chinatown is in no way similar to a visit to “Blacktown” (or the “Hood”). White suburbanites (or black suburbanites) can safely stroll through a Chinatown on a Friday night, and aside from the occasional pickpocket, they usually have nothing to worry about. Let the same walk through your Blacktown on a summer eve’s Friday. In New York City, for instance, Asians make up 12% of the population… but commit approximately 3% of the murders. Blacks and Latinos, on the other hand, commit NINETY PERCENT of the murders in NYC. That is, the blacks and Latinos are about three times the population of Asians… but commit THIRTY TIMES more murder. (Aside: the “racism” argument can’t work here, for all three groups are racial minorities.)

The media stereotypes of black people stick because they pretty much conform to experience. Seventy percent of black children are illegitimate (with considerably higher (if that’s possible) number amongst the urban jungle J-Hills). The murder rates, well I just mentioned above for NYC. Nationwide, black males (of all ages) make up 6% of the population… but commit 40% of the murders. We can go on about the high school drop out rates, or absence of black males on college campuses. This isn’t media distortion, these are on the ground facts. What you have is a culture in a state of disintegration, and the sooner African-American Muslims realize this and make a hijrah (emigration) from that culture, the wiser and the better.

As for blacks not controlling the media, well why don’t they—or at least have a greater share of media control? Jews are a considerably smaller minority than blacks (about 2.5% of the population versus 12%), they have been historically discriminated against, and yet, their high level influence in the media is indisputable. Why don’t black people pool their resources and develop their own media networks that feature more than singing, dancing, and grown men chasing balls? We all know the reason why. We are talking about a low-functioning (dysfunctional) culture. When BET (even the acronym is dubious, isn’t it?) was black owned, its primary fare was music videos, church shows, and Negro college sports, and a very small number of shows with political pundits. Could you imagine a network called “Muslim Entertainment” and half or more of the programming containing hijabi women rump-shaking? Muslims wouldn’t make excuses for a woman doing such—they wouldn’t TOLERATE such behavior. Again, different cultures have different values… and some cultures are superior to others.

There is no doubt that there are intelligent and high-functioning black people out there… but they aren’t the driving force of the culture. The trends today in black culture come from the gutter-folk and not from the bourgeoisie. Furthermore, in many ways, the values of the two are not all that different. Granted, the latter are more functional and condemn murder, at least, but they still indulge in drugs, drunkenness, materialistic ostentation, lewd music, fornication, and homosexuality (just consider the “morals” of the typical black fraternity).

It’s beyond self-evident that much of this “black entertainment” is corporate psychological warfare designed to perpetuate (and propagate) black pathology. However, if black folks were concerned about their self-destructive portrayal in the media and its influence on their children, in particular, then there would be a greater collective effort to encourage black people to leave television, radio, and music alone altogether. And they could stop watching TV, going to the movies, listening to the radio, and music for… FREE. But we all know that would entail coming to grips with the stupid impulsive nafs-driven nature of black culture… but a culture that is predicated on immediate self-gratification isn’t going to advocate discipline. It should be clear that a people who lack self-control and common sense will be dominated by those with more discipline and intelligence. That’s the way of the world.

As for the portrayal of Muslims in the media, it is not the same as the portrayal of African-Americans. The portrayal of Muslims as terrorists is simply a distortion of reality. If we accept the corporate controlled standards of terrorism (and put aside regimes that spends hundreds of billions of dollars annually on instruments of warfare) then we can say that most terrorists are (self-identified) Muslims… but those terrorists, it has to be admitted, make up a minuscule portion of the Muslim population. There is no place in America that is considered a “hotbed” of Muslim terrorism. However, when it comes to the “hoods” across America, they are known as hotbeds “black terrorism” where murder and other violent crimes are daily occurrences. People (other than your hardocore Fox News devotees) do not live in constant fear of “Muslim moments” or even “terrorists moments,” for they are few and far between. However, those who live in the hood, or have to work therein, should be concerned about “Nigga Moments:” because they happen not infrequently.

The number of people in the US who have died at the hands of Muslim (or at least those who self-identify as “Muslim”) terrorists since since 9/11 has been fewer than 100—that is, fewer than 100 in a decade. Now if we include 9/11, which was a “once in a century” kind of event (and for the time being we accept the standard corporate narrative) we are still looking at fewer than 3,500 people. This abominable crime was committed by (if we accept the standard corporate media narrative) 19 men, in a network that has (or had) a few thousand members (globally) of a people (Muslims) whose numbers top a billion.

In six months, black males commit more murders than in the nearly 90 year period (1882-1968) of white-on-black lynching (3,400). In the years since 9/11, black males have murdered approximately 70,000 people (there is no mistake with the 0’s), that is, about 25 times the number of people killed on 9/11. Another way to think about it is that black males in America commit more murder in a week (more than 125) than quasi-Muslim terrorists do in a decade. If we wish to talk about the terrorist events overseas, this can be ascribed largely to political instability and that these people believe they are fighting for the sake of God—in asymmetrical wars against invaders with far superior technology (it’s enough to compare the military budget of all the Muslim countries combined with that of the Pentagon to see what I mean). As misguided as many of these people are, they do believe they are fighting for higher principles: they are fighting against invaders and people who wish to spread their decadent culture into their societies. Now when Pookie murders Kool Aid for stepping on his shoe in a nightclub, what “higher principle” does he kill him for (even in his drug distorted mind)?

Also, Muslims have for CENTURIES been speaking out against and condemning Wahhabism. It has been Muslims who have suffered disproportionately at the hands of these (and other) radical extremists. The reason why terrorism has been able to spread in the Muslim world, is that there has been a negligence of MANY Muslims acquiring traditional Islamic knowledge and understanding thoroughly the matters of `Aqidah (Islamic Doctrine). This is our fault—and not the fault of the “white man” or the “Zionists” or the “Crusaders.” Furthermore, Muslims—meaning the vast majority of us—do not embrace “Terrorist Life” as something “cool” or “trendy.” And again, when these extremists do what they do, they are typically attempting to resist occupational forces. When our black goons commit murder, they are not fighting against the symbols of “capitalism,” “racism,” or “oppression.” They are typically killing each other in the name of ignorance, stupidity, impulsiveness, and clear-cut criminality.

Another point to consider is that Muslims, unlike black culture, have clear moral standards by which to judge. What makes one person superior to another not his color, ancestry, ethnicity. It is his (or her) moral standards and adherence to them. What are the sources of black morals today… besides the media, the street corner, and the cell block? The Negro Church (which itself is part of the problem with black America) is not the propagator of black values that it once was, and its influence—and certainly the values it once preached—are rapidly waning in significance.

How can black culture be improved when it has no interests to rectify itself morally? Black culture is not calling to the end of alcohol and drug consumption. It does not reject degenerate music and movies. It DEFINITELY does not condemn fornication. It has become increasingly atheistic/Satanic and also sympathetic to homosexuality. What part of a culture is salvageable when it not only rejects morality but works to undermine it?

As for Muslims, we have our share of issues personally and collectively to deal with. But we also have very clear standards by which to judge our behavior and others. We accept and tolerate what Islam allows. We condemn and reject what the Islam does not. Muslims have a clear solution to our problems: we have to overcome our laziness, learn our Religion properly, and put it into practice earnestly. Our values don’t change because some inebriated tatted-up simians get on stage promoting something to the contrary in a rap “song.” If some—or many—Muslims are influenced by such people, the Islamic judgment remains the same. The haraam (prohibited) remains such regardless of what the media and its minions say. And likewise, the virtuous remains such, even if the media and the dumbed-down masses ridicule and berate it.

God-willing, what will happen (and is happening) is that you will find black PEOPLE—individuals, not black culture, for the culture is done—who are FED UP. They realize that there has to be an alternative to what has become the “norm.” Life has to be more significant than “baby momma drama,” “dope boys,” “the latest track dropped,” “smoking blunts,” “drinking malt liquor,” “goin’ to the casinos,” etc. It is the duty of the Muslims to find these people. It is our duty to enjoin the good, forbid the evil, and provide that alternative (some) people are looking for. We must unite with sincerity, while educating and showing people the superiority of life lived as righteous Muslims. This means that we must produce a NEW culture in this society—a culture that has not been seen before. We must produce a culture that transcends corporate constructions of race, and establish that the basis of human excellence is obedience to the Creator of the universe.

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One Response to African-American Exodus: ‘It’s the Media’

  1. sid says:

    You say we should separate from black culture and create a new Muslim one. Even if we did hypothetically do this we would still face discrimination from fellow Muslims. We cannot ignore the significant racism against blacks in the Muslim world. Look at the way blacks are treated in Iraq, Look at what happened in Sudan, in Libya to those black immigrants. Non of those people are criminals or lack morals and are in fact Muslim for the most part. Anti-black racism is not based solely on behavior. Racial supremacy belief systems in all its forms is based on irrationality, and is a sickness whether it is white supremacy, Arab supremacy, Asian supremacy, etc. Even when blacks were mostly law abiding and church going we were still being lynched, and getting busted upside the head for having the audacity to be born a certain color. If all blacks woke up as Obama clones tomorrow racism would not disappear. The behavior of many blacks is disgusting, but that does not justify oppression whatever it is institutional racism, prison industrial complex or just bigotry on an individual basis. Also the poverty and poor education breeds ignorance. During the late 19th century and early 20th century those Irish and Italian immigrants living in ghettos of major cities were very criminalized and engaged in plenty anti-social behavior and were considered scum. They were able to assimilate into mainstream culture due to their white skin as they intermarriage and mixed with others of European descent. Black people are at the bottom economically; morally and in every way imaginable because that’s the way the system of white supremacy wants it. Of course we are also responsible for going right along with it, happy to get a welfare check and some malt liquor and a bag of dope off the corner. But again if a woman goes out dressed half naked at night alone and gets raped, yes she is stupid but that does not justify the rape. Just as many blacks enjoy the ignorance and are happy to feed the prison system and have sex with any and everybody, but that does not excuse those at the top profiting and setting the stage for this behavior. I’ll end by saying this the Pre-Islamic Arabs were some of the most lewd and morally reprehensible people on earth yet the calling of Islam transformed the entire Arabian peninsula in a few short decades. I will never give up on the people of descended from, even if it is a losing battle I have to try. Some of these young punks on the street could be the next Malcolm x or a great Islamic scholar, but more realistically the next you or me.

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