African-American Exodus Part 5: Another Response

AFRICAN-AMERICAN EXODUS Part 5: Another Response

[This is a response to a college student and Brother named, Sid.]

SID SAYS: [I made adjustments to the paragraphs so they would be easier to read.]

You say we should separate from black culture and create a new Muslim one. Even if we did hypothetically do this we would still face discrimination from fellow Muslims. We cannot ignore the significant racism against blacks in the Muslim world. Look at the way blacks are treated in Iraq, Look at what happened in Sudan, in Libya to those black immigrants. Non of those people are criminals or lack morals and are in fact Muslim for the most part. Anti-black racism is not based solely on behavior. Racial supremacy belief systems in all its forms is based on irrationality, and is a sickness whether it is white supremacy, Arab supremacy, Asian supremacy, etc.

Even when blacks were mostly law abiding and church going we were still being lynched, and getting busted upside the head for having the audacity to be born a certain color. If all blacks woke up as Obama clones tomorrow racism would not disappear. The behavior of many blacks is disgusting, but that does not justify oppression whatever it is institutional racism, prison industrial complex or just bigotry on an individual basis. Also the poverty and poor education breeds ignorance. During the late 19th century and early 20th century those Irish and Italian immigrants living in ghettos of major cities were very criminalized and engaged in plenty anti-social behavior and were considered scum. They were able to assimilate into mainstream culture due to their white skin as they intermarriage and mixed with others of European descent.

Black people are at the bottom economically; morally and in every way imaginable because that’s the way the system of white supremacy wants it. Of course we are also responsible for going right along with it, happy to get a welfare check and some malt liquor and a bag of dope off the corner. But again if a woman goes out dressed half naked at night alone and gets raped, yes she is stupid but that does not justify the rape. Just as many blacks enjoy the ignorance and are happy to feed the prison system and have sex with any and everybody, but that does not excuse those at the top profiting and setting the stage for this behavior. I’ll end by saying this the Pre-Islamic Arabs were some of the most lewd and morally reprehensible people on earth yet the calling of Islam transformed the entire Arabian peninsula in a few short decades. I will never give up on the people of descended from, even if it is a losing battle I have to try. Some of these young punks on the street could be the next Malcolm x or a great Islamic scholar, but more realistically the next you or me.


Good stuff, Brother. I appreciate the feedback. African-American Muslims have no choice but to develop a new culture. There is very little that an observant Muslim has in common with contemporary black culture. The two rarely intersect. Simply consider the values of Muslim culture (and I mean observant God-fearing Muslims and not the clowns behind the counter at the corna sto’). Our heroes are taken from the Qur’an, the Sunnah, the learned and righteous Muslims who strove against their base desires, opposed the satanic suggestions, worked to rid themselves of attachment to this fleeting world, and courageously stood up to enjoin virtue and oppose evil sincerely for the sake of the One, Perfect, Incomparable Creator of the universe. This is who we are (or should be). Aside from the matters of Creed, can you name a representative of black culture who does the aforementioned? Who is condemning gambling, alcohol consumption, pornography, and fornication? These people (that is, the representatives of black culture) can’t even condemn homosexuality. In all honesty, what do we have in common with them?

As for the existence of racism, I do NOT deny its existence—or its pervasiveness in the general society or amongst Muslims. But it should be evident that the racist derives some sort of pleasure and (temporal) benefit from it. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t be a racist. That being the case, why should a racist want to change—if we leave out other than having a Religious motive? I do censure racism, but I also don’t do the pity-party victimization thing, for I feel the latter has been more deleterious to black folk than the former in the past few decades.

Other than my educating fellow Muslims about the pernicious effects of racism and to remind them to fear Allah, what more can I do for them? Racism is a disease of the heart that is rooted in arrogance. It was this arrogance and racism that led Iblis to commit the first blasphemy. Iblis felt inherently superior to Adam because of the substance from which he was created, and this led to him objecting to the Commands of Allah. Furthermore, the Prophet said: “He is not one of us [i.e., among the righteous Muslims] who calls for ‘asabiyyah‘ [unjust tribal solidarity/support–and its natural extensions of racism and nationalism].” The train wreck of a mess that the Muslim world is currently in has been caused by no small part by this asabiyyah. Lastly, if someone detests me because of my complexion, I am not sinful. If someone harms me because of my race, and I am patient with that, I earn reward, and the one who harms me unjustly only earns sin. I don’t lose because of racism. The racist is the loser.

In the past when blacks in the South were openly and legally being persecuted by white racists, the black people resisted by demonstrating a level of discipline, organization, and character that earned the respect of many whites and others. They demonstrated that they could be the MORAL SUPERIORS of white racists. So it was their (relatively–i’m not talking about their bad beliefs or whether of not one agrees with absolute non-violent resistance) good BEHAVIOR that led to what has to be acknowledged as a social revolution in this country in less than 20 years. If the Civil Rights leaders had been thugs and goons talking about pillaging white businesses and raping white women, there would have been another Civil War in the South, and the blacks would not have turned up on top.

If black people concentrated their energies on producing a generation of unified “Obamas” (again, I am not talking about all his policies or his character) instead of aspiring to play basketball and rap, or crying about racism, you would have hundreds of thousands of high-functioning black men who could dominate, or at least be disproportionately be represented in the institutions of power. This is a page from the playbook of the upper level Jews. Although the Jews were hated by the white Gentiles, the Jews saw to it that their children were highly educated and went into fields of study and careers that enabled them to have influence on American finance, education, media, and culture far beyond their relatively small numbers. Jews saw to it to gain power—in spite of the racism and bigotry they faced—and as a result they are respected, or at least not openly hated. Blacks could have done the same… the problem was/is in their low functioning culture.

I want to reiterate, I am not defending the militarized prison industrial complex. As a Muslim, I judge matters according to Islam. If people are governing by other than Islam, then it is naturally expected that the institutions they build will be unjust. Furthermore, these institutions make phenomenal profits from ignorance and human misery. They have little incentive to change. And their changing would require a massive restructuring of the economic infrastructure of the society. In brief, I don’t expect anything from them, and that’s why I don’t focus (as much) on them.

On the other hand, don’t black people have an incentive not to be on the bottom of the social hierarchy?  How much money and time would it cost for black people to stop… drinking alcohol, buying drugs, rap CDs, spending money in strip clubs, on rapper costumes, on spinny rim thingies, etc.? How much government investment would this take, and how much time? Of course, it require none and could be done IMMEDIATELY… and for free. When the Divine Revelation came down about the prohibition of alcohol, the Muslims IMMEDIATELY stopped drinking and poured it out into the streets. The problem here is that you have a culture that is predicated on immediate self-indulgence and denigrates delayed gratification. You can’t talk about reforming a culture if its ethos doesn’t value self-control.

We must have a nuanced approach. Muslims do need to reach out to the poor, the dispossessed, and others. Some of those people may embrace Islam and become among the luminaries of this Religion.  I would love for that (especially, if i could be among those who guided that person in the initial stages of his journey). Muslims also need to understand the vicious nature of “The System.” For the latter, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done. “The System” is built upon greed and evil. The elite who control “The System” don’t want it to be transformed—so typically whatever changes that do take place, they tend not to be more than cosmetic—like, the election of Obama, for instance. (After all, “The System” is not calling people to Islam, so whatever changes are made to “The System,” they don’t lead to the salvation of people’s souls). Regarding the former, Muslims need to seek those people who SINCERELY WANT TO CHANGE (regardless of their race, class, social background, or previous religious affiliation). When you have a growing number of people who are serious about obeying Allah, then you can develop a new collective identity and culture based on taqwa (piety). And when you have a critical mass of pious people, then you can effect genuine and positive change in the society.

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