A Response to the Homosexual Fitnah

A Response to the Homosexual Fitnah

I wrote a response here (had to tone it down some) regarding this homosexual fitnah that is engulfing this society:


Here’s the response:

Several things need to be sorted out here. One, it needs to be made abundantly clear that homosexual acts are strictly forbidden in Islam. Sodomy is an enormity. This needs to be said and stated clearly and unambiguously, for there are people with agendas who are in the name of “tolerance” trying to alter the Sacred Law and deem the haraam to be halaal.

With that said, the person who merely has a homosexual inclination has to repress it (just as the normal healthy male has to suppress his lustful inclinations for females he’s not married to). This struggle against the base desires is something all of us must struggle with. In that sense, the one with homosexual inclinations is like everyone else: we all have to resist our repulsive desires.

As for the person telling others, the general rule is that we don’t tell people about our sins. It isn’t wise to go around telling friends that you lust for members of the same sex. Instead, the one with homosexual inclinations needs to find a learned, pious, and wise Muslim who knows how to help heal the heart and seek advice. And it is better when seeking advice to use the third person (like to say: “What would you suggest to the young man who has homosexual proclivities?”) without mentioning the one who is actually afflicted with the disease.

Also, we should keep in mind that there are very powerful interests that are trying to impose the normalization of homosexuality upon Muslims. These people are NOT content with Muslims saying that the one who has homosexual inclinations is not sinful as long as he does not allow himself to have homosexual fantasies, or desire to act upon those fantasies, or engage in such an abomination. They want Muslims to deem that homosexuality is “Okay,” and that the punishments prescribed in the Deen for homosexual behavior are either due to fourteen centuries of misunderstanding what the Prophet taught—or they wish to have Muslims deem that the Islamic punishment for homosexual acts–as taught by the Prophet–are “barbaric.” May Allah protect us from kufr!

On the whole, we see the Muslims have been ominously silent in condemning the homosexualization of the the society. It is only a matter of time that the acceptance or condemnation of homosexuality will be the litmus test (by the secular supremacists) to determine whether or not one is an “extremist” Muslim or a “tolerant-progressive” Muslim. And we can imagine Muslims apostating en masse over this issue (by deeming the well-known haraam to be halaal). The homophiles want your kids, and if we do not develop clear and cogent arguments against dangers of the the homosexualization of the society, we place our survival as Believers here in jeopardy.

Lastly for those afflicted with homosexual feelings, the most important thing is not to deem these feelings to be legitimate. You have to fight yourself. Do not place yourself in circumstances in which you will feel aroused; if you do feel these desires, occupy your mind with something useful, like reciting the Qur’an. Remind yourself that this life is short and we must struggle against our base inclinations and the insidious satanic suggestions. The one who succumbs to them will get what he (or she) deserves in the Afterlife.

Also, be sure to eat from the halaal, eat very little meat, sleep less, and get up at night to pray. God-willing, with striving and sincerity, you will get relief from this trial. Allah is the One Who controls the hearts, and Allah is the One Who turns our hearts from the reprehensible to the rewardable. It’s all easy for Allah.

(Kinda wonderin’ if they took the title from this blog entry: https://facetofloor.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/the-elephant-in-the-mosque/)

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4 Responses to A Response to the Homosexual Fitnah

  1. flamealchmst says:

    Excellent response. I was reading the other replies to that article on Suhaib Webb’s website, but when I read yours everything made sense. May Allah (swt) guide us all and keep us on the straight path. Glad I stumbled upon your blog…very interesting 🙂

  2. Hyde says:

    An excellent response indeed brother. If you have the time, read my response to the article under Hyde and tell me what you think of it.

  3. Hyde says:

    Here is another one…what a disease is to be called a progressive ?

  4. abuasiyahyahya says:

    Looks as if Suhaib Webb, moved the article. I can’t find it through the link.

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