Filthy Fitnah (Part 2)

Dr. Ben gits punked:

More obfuscation from the homophiles. The Doctor observes that if homo-“marriage” is made legal, it is a slippery slope for all sorts of other perversions (that was CLEARLY his point with his comment on “The Hannity Show”) becoming legal and demanding the “right” to call themselves “married.” How can it not be? Why restrict the alleged right to marriage only to normal oriented people and homosickuals? From a secular supremacist perspective, what’s wrong with a guy gittin’ down with his deceased lover (at least for a few days before the corpse gets a lil too rancid… but then that might be a turn on for some people)? What’s wrong with an exhibitionist gittin’ down with his jacks and billies (donkeys/goats) publicly at the state fair? What?… Are you going to JUDGE people and be INTOLERANT of other people’s alternative lifestyles?!?

Then you have Wolf, got the SMACK DOWN by David Duke, Blitzer (perhaps, it was Dave’s tearing Wolfie a new one… well i won’t go there: acting “shocked” that someone would mention homosexuality and bestiality in the same breath. He (the guy who got ripped a new one by Davey D.) goes on to say that no one is suggesting that illegal behavior be made legal… but uh,… homosexuality was ILLEGAL not all that long ago and was considered a MENTAL ILLNESS. It was the homosexuals who pushed to change the laws and have reclassify homosickuality as something “normal.”

Similarly, this interviewer acts “shocked” when Jeremy Irons just follows the push for so-called “marriage equality” to the next step: What is the rationale (in this Brave Twisted New World) for preventing the widower from marrying his eighteen year old son? You have dad, he’s diggin’ his son’s solid waste eliminatory outlet, his son digs that dad digs his solid waste eliminatory outlet… they are consenting adults… they can’t breed (with each other)… who’s to judge? Some folks will say, “Well, that’s sick, that’s unnatural.” And, that’s what folks not too long ago said about the folks prancing around at the homo-parade in San Francisco.

Now here is a response to the Iron’s interview from a little South African tinker bell:

This is typical of them. They like to ridicule those who don’t agree with them, because they know deep down inside they are a sick and warped people. They can’t actually debate what the issues are. They just use ridicule, and when ridicule doesn’t work, they use intimidation to suppress dissenting opinions (so much for the “tolerance” these perverts supposedly espouse). At least this Indian train wreck of a human being is honest about the homosickual agenda. It has nothing to do with “rights.” It’s about a bitter and hateful people wishing to subvert the society:

What you have is a group of people (homosickuals) who have no moral compass. Many of them like to be “avant garde” and “cutting edge” and always feel compelled to “push the fold” to attack the conventional moral standards of the society. These are a people who do not believe in limits (Ya Lateef it’s enough to google “gay parade” images and see WHAT A VILE, FILTHY, DESPICABLE group of people they are… and this is what they want for YOUR CHILDREN). They are a very miserable lot. They have to lie to themselves and lie to others that what they are doing is perfectly normal… and they have to lie about their agenda. They hate people with families and children… they themselves were often abused and molested by perverts when they were children, so they clearly don’t want what is best for others.

I will say this AGAIN: Brothers and Sisters in Islam, PLEASE do not underestimate the evil of what is taking place. Please have the courage and the wisdom to take a stand against this madness!

Dr. Ben Carson On Gay Marriage – Compares It to Bestiality and Pedophilia

After newfound conservative “folk hero” Dr. Ben Carson lumped pedophiles in with same-sex
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3 Responses to Filthy Fitnah (Part 2)

  1. Hyde says:

    Vehement thy anger at the hypocrites…carry on brother…deeps seeds of secularism are well planted into our deen. Perhaps not us, but what fitna will our children face in times to come. Women leading the prayer, homosexuals allowed to come in our places of worship, and worse of all imams making excuses for them (i.e. NYU )…ahhhh…my head aches to see my beloved deen being bowdlerized by the worse of filth…what is the point of getting out of bed ?????

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