A Walking Contradiction

A Walking Contradiction

Like i said, i’m on a roll today (maa-shaa’ Allah):


I once before encountered someone referring to themselves as an “atheist-Muslim.” It’s long, but in summary, it is the pretty standard attack against religion. According to the atheists, if people stopped believing in religion, everyone would just start getting along. These guys have a very peculiar line of reasoning. They will start to say that we need to recognize that all humans have the same rights (… and who gave humans their rights?). But what if some people refuse to recognize that all humans have the same rights (anyway, the secular supremacists don’t believe in “equality”—as the gender segregation in professional sports and the prison systems readily demonstrates… the secular supremacists believe in something other than “equality”). What if some people decide that other select groups of people aren’t really human after all and don’t deserve “human rights?” Furthermore, who’s going to enforce these values and laws… and how are they going to be able to do so without the threat of violence?

He goes on to condemn terrorism in the name of Islam, and he condemns Islam b/c some terrorists use “Islam” as a justification for their terrorism. And then he mentions that Islam is bad because Muslims do not reject that there are circumstances in which Muslims may engage in armed struggle for their religion. Again, another line of odd reasoning. Secular humanism has come to dominate the world order largely by MASSIVE AMOUNTS of violence and lies and propaganda. Their regimes were largely founded on violence and suppression of opposition. Simply consider the number of deaths in the name of various secular ideologies in the 20th century (doing this off the top of the wig):

WW I: 15 million
WW II: 40 million
Stalin/Communist USSR: 20 million
Mao/Communist China: 60 million
US in SE Asia: 3 million

The numerous proxy wars the major secular regimes sponsored throughout the so-called developing world led to tens of millions of other deaths. Also, these secular regimes don’t have a great deal of tolerance for those places that don’t accept multi-national consumer-cult values. And they certainly don’t have any love and tolerance for those states that do not accept corporate cleptocracy and banksterism. Also, ask one of these so-called Muslim atheists, how much money does, for instance, the US spend on the military (you can’t rightfully call it “defense” spending) each year? Given that there is no country in the world that can come close to invading the US, then what’s the purpose of all those weapons? Those weapons aren’t for spreading, love, peace, and random acts of kindness across the earth.

Lastly, according to the secular supremacists, human beings are merely masses of breathing flesh that are the accidental result of an evolution that evolved itself… by itself. There is no Afterlife (according to them). We live. We vainly attempt to gratify our innumerable and growing desires. We get old, and trying to fulfill those desires becomes even less plausible. And then we die, and become worm food and compost. Since (according to the secularists) life has no real purpose, then what difference does it make if they eliminate a few million or a few hundred million breeders or breathers from the earth (or if some non-secularists does it for them)? If there are fewer people, then the living won’t have to share as much, and they will presumably have more opportunities to (vainly) fulfill their desires… which, according to the secularists is the ultimate purpose of life anyway.

The fact is we have an Eternal, Omnipotent, Incomparable, and Transcendent Creator—the universe did not accidentally start to produce itself before it was existing. The Creator created life and made human beings the crown of creation—if they fulfill their lofty potential, which is to submit to and worship the Creator. The Creator gave us Sacred Laws by which to govern ourselves and prepare for the stages of existence after life on this earthly plane. Abiding by the Magna Carta, European Constitution or other man-made laws is not going to save one when he (or she) is in the grave, but if one follows the Sacred Laws of the final Prophet, Muhammad, with perfect sincerity, then one will attain ultimate success in this world and what is to come thereafter.

May Allah grant us piety and the blessed endings.

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3 Responses to A Walking Contradiction

  1. Maryam says:

    If they only took a moment to really listen………

  2. Hyde says:

    Atheist Muslim a typical SAT antonym problem. hmmm sort of like…
    Feminism harasser,
    Vegetarian cannibalist ,
    Civilized barbarian


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