Filthy Fitnah #4 The Plan

Filthy Fitnah #4 The Plan

Too cold (in May!) to sit outside and get some Journal writing done, so i may as well go ahead and deal with these deviants. Firstly, this weekend Timothy Winters, has (apparently) given in to the homosickuals. The implications here are SERIOUS. This may just be a trial run by the homophiles, however, it is clear where this thing is going.

1) The homophiles will start doing their research on (self-identified) Muslim leaders (in particular, the so-called “moderates”) seeing if they can find any statements from them condemning homosickuality. Inevitably, they will find such statements—or at least find speeches or books where these quasi-traditionalists have praised the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah… and it is well known that these same prominent scholars of Islam hold the consensus that homosickuality is an abomination, and the punishment for the sodomites is well known. The sickos, will then push these quasi-traditionalists into a corner asking the quasi-traditionalists, do they agree with what these so-called “homophobic” scholars say about homosickuality… or do they agree with what the Prophet said about homosickuality. Allah knows how they will attempt to slither out of such a situation… if they try at all.

2) When the extremists (meaning the genuine extremists, not someone who merely speaks out against those who lust for other men’s solid waste eliminatory outlets) see that these quasi-traditionalists are doing, they will attack them (at least verbally, if not otherwise), and the fellow quasi-traditionalists will be coming to their brethren’s aid trying to explain away, or defend, or otherwise confuse the Muslim masses/youth (and general public) about the Islamic position regarding homosickuality.

3) This is perhaps the gravest danger: given the recent (and condemnable) Boston bombing, Muslims will be held under greater scrutiny. There will be a (alleged) search for the roots of radicalization. Either the homophiles or the Islamophobes will propose the idea that one of the indicators of an “extremist” Muslim is his or her position on homosickuality. Then they will parade out some of the Pink Crescent Munafiqs (, who will say that the Qur’anic Verses and Hadiths and the Scholarly Consensus about this abomination have all been misunderstood for 1,400 years, and it is only the extremists (or potential extremists) who actually believe in them the way they’ve been understood for 1,400 years.

This has such serious implications, b/c we are talking about many cowardly self-identified Muslims deeming the haraam (forbidden) to be halaal (permissible) in order to keep their jobs, their “friends,” or just to be “accepted” by the secularists. And those genuine Muslims who refuse to blaspheme and wish to hold on to their Imaan will be deemed extremists, terrorists sympathizer, and the likes. God-willing, what needs to be done is for Muslims to develop counter-arguments to this madness, not so much to try to persuade the homosickuals/homophiles (b/c they tend not to be an honest or reasonable group of people—they simply have an agenda they want to push) but to reach the legions of people in the West who feel that there is something wrong, if not insidious, going on with this push to normalize homosickual behavior.

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