Filthy Fitnah Part 3: Timothy Winters (apparently) Gets Punked

Filthy Fitnah Part 3

Now that Timothy Winters (aka Abdal-Hakim Murad) has now (apparently) knelt down to the homosickual lobby we can now anticipate that other quasi-traditional apologists will slither into the slime-light to come to his defense. They are using a deceptive argument:

1) They mention the general Islamic position that if a Muslim has the inclination towards homosickuality, but he (or she) suppresses the thoughts and the desires, then they are rewarded for that. That’s fine.


2) Although these quasi-traditionalists tend to mention that it is forbidden (usually not in the most straightforward manner)… they don’t clarify that it is among the worst of the abominations, that has severe consequences in this life and the Hereafter.

—It is important to note that the homophiles are not just content with Muslims saying we will allow someone with homosickual inclinations into the mosques (as long as they don’t attempt to engage in such behavior, or worse, deem such behavior permissible). The homophiles want Muslims to say that homosickual behavior is legitimate AND THAT IT IS WRONG to say that it is a deviant/sinful behavior.*** In other words, they want Muslims to say (a`udhu billah) that the Prophet was wrong in what he conveyed—and that is absolute blasphemy.

3) These quasi-traditionalists (who are suppose to be the leaders of the Muslims in the West) are SILENT about the homosickual agenda. They mention the case #1 above but it is devoid of the larger social context: you have VERY POWERFUL interests in this society who are trying to make the acceptance and love for homosickuality/homosickuals mandated by law. (Given that one of the headquarters of quasi-traditionalists is in the Bay Area (in other words, Sodomite-Central), it is not likely that we are going to hear from them a clear cut stance against the homosickual agenda.)

Furthermore, the homosickuals are not trying to change adult Muslims, who have some degree of Islamic knowledge/identity. Their target is the Muslim youth. The Muslim youth are growing up in a time, where (for many of them) their identity is inextricably related to the mass media/pop culture. Therein, homosickuals run amok. And now, even the pro-athletes are coming out in favor of homosickuality. For these alleged leaders to be silent about this fitnah… b/c they are too afraid to take a stand or lose their university position, this reflects their fraudulence and their level of corruption. Our Deen is based upon being MEN/WOMEN who stand up for the Truth and enjoin good and forbid evil with wisdom. May Allah grant us that.

***Intentionally belying the Religion is itself blasphemy, for it entails rejecting what Allah has revealed.

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3 Responses to Filthy Fitnah Part 3: Timothy Winters (apparently) Gets Punked

  1. Hyde says:

    Oh dear brother, first of all before 911, a lot stuff that everybody said had to be changed since the radar flat came on us. They are hundred of clips of sheiks on YT, that could get them in trouble by the sick twisted liberal politically correct world of today. S T Winters is a bedrock of religious learning and knowledge, but he certainly was not punk’d. He apology was what was required of anybody; i.e. it would have been an inescapable loss of the muslim community, if he were to just get up and leave. Sodomy is an abomination, no doubt, but in this day and age, the kufr will use every excuse they have to hurt us, and these deviant twisted liberal mf’s have found their red rabbit in one of the most respected theologians our time.

    ST Winters has not bowed down the homo-freak show, he did what was required of a professor in the western world. I despise homosiculaity, but what can we do ? These deviants are surely the most protected people on the planet right now, and the muslims are the most maligned.
    Your comments were a bit harsh, especially since I have found an affinity towards your entries. IF you really want to see the face of the munifiks, read the goatmilk blog. Entries there to make your blood boil.

    • facetofloor says:

      Consider Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s position regarding the Kalaam Controversy. He stated his position clearly and unambiguously so that no one would be confused about the position of Ahlus-Sunnah about this issue. He did this in spite of being beaten and imprisonment.

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