It’s the THEOLOGY, Stupid

It’s the THEOLOGY, Stupid!

Although i don’t like the title of the article, and it should be known that so-called “Muslim Matters” is a Wahhabi site and part of the Al-Maghrib Wahhabi roadshow syndicate, this article makes some good points, but fails (not unsurprisingly) to address the real issue at hand:

Let me get this straight. I’m an African-American male, and i don’t expect that people will ask me to apologize for the 70,000 or so murders black males have committed in the past decade (and many of those murders committed in the name of some sort of distorted sense of “blackness”). Likewise, i’m a Muslim, and i don’t feel guilty about each egregious act that is done in the name of Islam. I condemn the acts, as Islam commands, and i condemn those who engage in such acts (as we shall see) and, God-willing, i try to keep it moving.

Regarding the article, the author attempts to address those accusations that Islam is synonymous with “terrorism.” Of course, the term “terrorism” is itself an extremely loaded appellation. (You have currently a woman who allegedly offed a cop 40 years ago on the top of the Terrorist List: .It should be enough for one to do a little research on COINTELPRO ( to see that some might want to apply the term “terrorist”—without a long stretch—to the very organizations who label others as such.) None of this is to say that terrorism, however one wants to define it, committed by (self-identified) Muslims isn’t a very real problem for Muslims (and everyone else).

Radicalization is a serious concern. This shouldn’t give a person the impression that the masses of Muslims in America will become extremists or even a substantial minority, but the acts of a few individuals can cause much death and destruction. So in this regard, Muslims need to stop playing pretend about the number of Muslims involved in terrorist events in the US.

As for Tamerlan’s radicalization (and i am just going by what is the mainstream version of events from the corporate dominated media), it seems that he had been suffering from LIS (Lost Immigrant Syndrome). His folks brought him to America; he apparently had little religious training before arrival; he tried to fit into the mainstream of American society; he realized how shallow and vapid it all is, so, with the prompting of his mother, he started to become “religious.”

He apparently was not an emasculated metrosexual, but instead was a warrior type of guy. He became socially conscious of the condition of the Muslims around the world and the injustices they faced. Hence, he decided to attack (fellow) Americans to exact what he probably would’ve considered “revenge.” This is the problem that results when Muslim youth are not trained properly in their religion—either, they remain in a permanent state of arrested development suffering from the wannabe “Lost Immigrant Syndrome,” or they very frequently start to develop extremist sympathies… or worse. If he had learned properly and been mentored, then he would have been directed to transmute his frustration and anger into mastery of the self through the acts of worship, character development, and asceticism. His zeal to defend Islam would have been directed to learning the religion and polemics and organizing and educating Muslims and non-Muslims about the religion. He would have known that murder is haraam, and in Islam it is not the position of a citizen to declare war upon a government because he is not pleased with some of its policies.

In brief, what Tamerlan allegedly did is not justifiable in Islam. Period. Muslims condemn terrorism—after all, most of the victims of quasi-Islamic terrorism are Muslims. When it comes to stopping radicalization—and this is something the Muslims, indeed want—the leadership that claims to represent the Muslims in the West very frequently obfuscates the matter at hand.

Whether or not much of the Muslim world were under a virtual siege by the Transnational Corporate Consumer Military Industrial Mega-State, there would still be the internal problem of extremists. Although, the quasi-traditionalists can produce dozens of fatwahs (Islamic verdicts) citing proofs from classical and contemporary Islamic sources rightfully condemning terrorism, they almost altogether fail to mention the THEOLOGY that is behind this extremist ideology.

A few months ago, i posted this link the following video: which (apparently) shows the Australian preacher advocating the Wahhabi corporeal doctrine of believing the Creator has a foot. The Muslim belief is that this universe could not by itself produce itself—it requires a Creator. The Creator existed before the creations. The Creator is not an object or temporal entity. And after the Creator originated the universe, the Creator did not transform into a body or a spirit or any other sort of spatial entity and materialize inside a place or a direction. Allah exists without a place. This is the Muslim belief; to believe otherwise is a nullification of basic Islamic tenets: i.e., the Creator ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble any of the creations.

It is this doctrine of literalism regarding the Creator, which has led the Wahhabis to pray to a giant (imaginary) bipedal extraterrestrial shadow-casting object with smiling face, two hands, and a single leg. This is the result of reading the Qur’an and Hadith while ignorant of the depth of the Arabic language, Islamic doctrine, and the rules of reason. And it is this absurdly literalist interpretation of Islamic Scripture and Sacred Law that has led to the Wahhabis (quasi-Salafis) thinking that their acts mayhem and of murder are part of Islam. It should be of no surprise, then, that Tamerlan seems, according to the media, to have liked the so-called Sheikh Feiz.

From its inception in the mid-1700’s, the Wahhabis of central Arabia have posed a threat to social order. Then, as now, the Wahhabis (quasi-Salafis) have been notorious for their rape, plunder, and massacre in the name of worshiping a hideously deformed anthropomorphic imaginary creature that lives above their heads. We see these events playing out in Pakistan, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and elsewhere. Wherever one sees terrorism committed in the name of Sunni Islam, one is going to see the influence of Wahhabism. And this Wahhabi terrorism is motivated by a methodological approach that is rooted in their gruesome `Aqidah (theology).

If the quasi-traditionalists were TRULY interested in preventing radicalization, then they would educate the Muslim masses and general public about the differences between the Muslim belief in God and the creed of Wahhabism. These quasi-traditionalists would expose the Wahhabi leaders, their books and websites, and make them outcasts and pariahs… but instead, these quasi-traditionalists invite Wahhabi speakers to their events and sit on panels with them… to talk about everything BUT the matters of doctrine (which is the root of the Wahhabi justification for terrorism). The reality of the matter is that the quasi-traditionalists are not interested in defending Islam, they, like the Wahhabis have their own agenda, and it is not for the betterment of the Muslims or the society at large.

A couple of other links on the Wahhabi menace:

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  1. Hyde says:

    MM can have wahabi nonsense, but I write it on often.

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