Lost in America

Lost in America

God-willing (now according to some, that’s a problematic phrase), this is the last post today on the various cess-poolians. According to the site:


Boy, oh boy…. The author is Asra Noomani. She calls herself “married” to a non-Muslim man. She deems such “marriages” legitimate. Here is more about her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asra_Nomani. As for the article, you have the uncle (apparently) getting disturbed at his nephew for saying “in-shaa’ Allah.” It says:

“Earlier, Tsarni had told the Associated Press: “When I was speaking to the older one, he started all this religious talk, ‘Insh’allah’ and all that, and I asked him, ‘Where is all that coming from?’” Insh’allah is the Arabic phrase that means “God willing.”

What Tsarni is admitting is something true but politically incorrect to talk about: the increasing use of these phrases of religiosity are code inside the community for someone who is becoming hardcore. It doesn’t mean that they’re becoming violent or criminal, but it’s a red flag.”

Subhaanallah, if a Muslim merely speaks like a Muslim, and says “God-willing” (because none of us know the future) about an event that he would like to see happen, then this is a sign that the person is “becoming hardcore?!?” This is what i mean by the LIS (Lost Immigrant Syndrome). It is people like this that will push ignorant but earnest Muslims into the camp of the extremists.

Now there is a problem of radicalization, as i mentioned in the last post. But what Asra means by “radicalization” is that if a Muslim prays at a mosque where the men and women do not line up next to each other, or don’t allow a woman to be the prayer leader for the general Friday communal prayer, then this is an indication that these people are “fundamentalists” and potential terrorists. Typical of these radical-apologists, they do not discuss the THEOLOGY that lies at the core of the Wahhabi deviance. The reason they NEVER discuss such is that the apologist-Munafiqs don’t want to expose the utter absurdity of their doctrine. These apologist-Munafiqs are typically abysmally ignorant of Islam, but have a handful of talking points that they know they can bring up to attack Muslims on and get a pat on the head from their anti-Islamic bigot masters.

On an almost side note, it disturbs me when you have people portraying those who do not believe the standard corporate dominated media’s as being “kooky conspiracy theorists.” It is disingenuous to pretend that certain security agencies have not encouraged acts of violence. COINTELPRO is a clear example, and more recently was the first World Trade Center bombing. As for the case with these brother, i am not saying they didn’t do it or they were not acting alone, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be very prudent to believe everything that comes from the mainstream media outlets, either.

Lastly, this goes to show all the more why Muslims who have learned the traditional Islamic sciences need to be involved in producing articles and books and addressing these issues. If we do not stand up and clarify these matters, then, these deviants will be more than willing to speak in our stead. May Allah grant us the courage and wisdom and to always be sincere in obedience.

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