http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvy4kVuR7Vg [This link no longer works.]

There are certainly nicer things to talk about than the deviance(s) of the Wahhabis. However, their harm to people both in their worldly and Afterlife condition is immense. In the video, we have one Wahhabi rebuking another Wahhabi. In the (apparent) voice of Yusuf Estes (an American convert to Wahhabism) he is claiming that when the men of Paradise will see their wives for the first time, their wives, being so beautiful, will make the men (according to him) think that those women are “Allah.” To think that Allah is some sort of body or spatial entity—of any sort—is kufr (again, we have to be clear that there are beliefs that nullify one’s Islam).

In response, another Wahhabi claims: “Allah is above His creation. He always has been, and will always be.” But the Wahhabis claim, as per the so-called “Noble Qur’an” that “Allah ROSE ABOVE the Throne [`Arsh].” Okay, let’s think for a moment. The True Belief is that Allah existed before space and time and before all objects and dimensional beings. Allah was before directions. This means that Allah is not a spatial entity, and the attributes of spatial entities, such as, motion, stillness, displacement, location, etc. do not apply to the Eternal Originator of the Universe.

Also, words have meanings. “To rise above” means to go from a lower location to a higher one. (***Even if one meant this in the non-literal sense, that is as a reference to status, then the person would be claiming Allah went from an inferior status to the `Arsh to a superior status, which also would be disbelief—anyway, that is not what the Wahhabis claim. The Wahhabis believe Allah to be an object of some sort in a literal direction.) If Allah (allegedly) ROSE ABOVE the `Arsh, then Allah would not always have been (literally) “Most High.” At one point Allah (allegedly) was beneath the `Arsh and then changed, and then rose above (some of) the creations.

Furthermore, the Wahhabis believe that late in the night, Allah allegedly gets down from on top of the `Arsh (or travels with the `Arsh) and descends to a location beneath Prophet Jesus (i don’t think that the Wahhabis understand the matter of timezones—they might consider such a subject “falasafee”). So the Wahhabi holds multiple contradictory beliefs simultaneously:

1) Allah has allegedly always been in the highest location [even before locations existed]

2) Allah allegedly was not in the highest location, but had to ascend above the `Arsh to get into the highest location

3) Allah allegedly goes down to a place faaaaar below the `Arsh and the Kursiyy and the Guarded Tablet (Al-Lawhul-MaHfudh) late at night… yet, according the Wahhabis: “Allah is above His creation. He always has been, and will always be [above the creations].”

This is an example of a person’s brain on tashbeeh (the blasphemous belief that God somehow resemble the creations). The one who prays to an object—in whichever direction—is not a Muslim and will never experience the pleasures of Paradise! As for the Beatific Vision, it is a fact that when the Muslims are in Paradise, Allah will empower the Muslims to see Allah. The Muslims will see Allah, and they won’t confuse Allah with anything else. They will see the One Who has no size, shape, form, modality, distance or direction. They will see Allah, the One Who does not need or resemble anything—AT ALL!!!

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  1. Hyde says:

    Facepalm! Perhaps it is time to retire from the lecture circuit

  2. Muhaqqiq says:


    Who are you anyway? Posting a random meme picture with a snide comment doesn’t amount to a useful response. If you have a concern or issue with what the author posted, then reply with that. Either be constructive or don’t waste your breath with inane comments.

    Face to Floor:

    Good clarification of the anthropomorphism that Wahhabis propagate. This is important so that people of aware of this invalid creed that leads to violence and baseless takfir and distinguishing it from the moderate creed of Sunni muslims that is based on logic and reason.

    • Hyde says:

      Easy there fella…the facepalm was for the Wahhabis…but you are correct with the constructive comments. Perhaps I should. Thanks.

      • Abdul Aziz says:

        So Allah says that He rose above His throne but those of us who believe He spoke the truth are somehow wrong? Our nabi may peace and blessings be upon him said that in the last third of the night, Allah descends to the lowest heaven and ask which of His creation seeks forgiveness etc and we are the ones who are somehow believing in a lie?
        In order to effectively argue against these points, you must first provide evidence from Allah and His messenger may peace and blessings be upon him that contradict those points. Your beliefs, opinions etc do not count.

      • facetofloor says:

        Abdul-Aziz, the Qur’an is in ARABIC. No where does the Qur’an say: “Allah rose” above anything. The Qur’an tells us that Allah is not an object and that Allah does not need the creations. Something that moves about would be something that occupies space–Allah doesn’t occupy space. Allah is the CREATOR of space. Allah doesn’t need the creations.

        As for the descent, i am going to assume that you already know that it is ALWAYS the last third of the night; hence, according to Wahhabi “logic” Allah isn’t actually above the `Arsh, but is actually located in a relatively small place (in comparison to the `Arsh) beneath Prophet Jesus.

        The basic principle of `Aqieedah is that Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations. If a person can’t grasp that, then it will not be surprising for him to think that his Creator is something in a location, with organs, limbs, and other human-like characteristics.

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