Not a Chance (Case in Point)

NOT A CHANCE (Case in point)

Unless African-American Muslims give some long deep thought about how (and where) they are going to raise their children… or let’s take it back a step—who they are going to MARRY and then raise how (and where) they are going to raise their children, they are going to be setting up the next generation (the boys, in particular, but also now a growing number of females) for failure, and setting them up to be 21st century incarcerated slaves.

The System is stacked. Black males, certainly nominally educated low-skilled African-American males are obsolete and serve little function in the (productive) economy. Listen: upstate, the farms have been Monsantoed, the mills are closed, and the white hill/country folk don’t have jobs (outside of the Walmart or Domino’s pizza delivery). These people still kinda vote. To keep these people satisfied, the politicians have to get these people relatively decent paying jobs. PRISONS are where it’s at. You have the slave catchers going about in the ghetto catchin’ Darkies to send upstate to the prison factories. This means that those who own the country have NO DESIRE to reduce the number of folks incarcerated. If you couldn’t figure that before, well, now you know—and now you have NO EXCUSES.

As long as African-American Muslim youth feel an affinity for this despicable lowlife black gutter culture, as long as they feel that these are “their people,” as long as they are attached to this prison propaganda (i.e. rap “music”), they will be caught up in this Matrix. This is why i will drive home this point: African-American Muslims MUST DEVELOP A DISTINCT AND SEPARATE IDENTITY from this (corporate) socially engineered “black culture.” (Of course, it’s not only African-Americans who are caught up—but USUALLY when you find second generation immigrant Muslim youth caught up in the System, it isn’t because they are imitating Ozarkian Meth-Head culture. No, they are imitating reprobates of the “Hood.”) The Prison Industrial Complex has run circles around these degenerate impulsive fools. There is NO REASON for the Muslims to fall into the same transparent traps.

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6 Responses to Not a Chance (Case in Point)

  1. sid says:

    It is human nature to feel an affinity for people who look like you and have grown up with the same experiences as you. Most of the black muslims I know due their best to live moral lives and follow the Qu’ran and Sunnah but there are many reasons both external and internal why we still live and socialize shoulder to shoulder with non muslim blacks. Some of it is socio-economic, not having the resources to move to better areas. Some of it is comfort as blacks are not accepted by other races or non black muslims. We can attempt to separate ourselves but are fates are tied to that of blacks as a whole. We all must do better.

  2. sid says:

    I look at it like this, no one becomes Muslim unless Allah wills it for them and African Americans are the largest groups of converts in this country. If we were a completely lost cause that wouldn’t be the case. It will take time and effort but we can be transformed, and I will never lose faith in that.

  3. Amina Amatullah says:

    I discussed the PIC in a class a few months back. This post is everything!

  4. Amina Amatullah says:

    I discussed the PIC in a class a few months ago. I agree with your post.

    Ma shaa Allah

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