My Rationale (An Overview)

MY RATIONALE (An Overview)

Some people might object to my harsh criticisms of African-American CULTURE. I wish to in the next couple of post clarify why I have taken the positions I have regarding this issue. My “passion” for talking about race isn’t because I feel have a deep emotional investment in it. What i don’t like is dishonesty or a lack of clarity of thought. Also, I see the harm caused to the da`wah caused by racism, and I see the mixed up and confused Muslims who don’t understand the significance of race in America. Some wish to dismiss the existence of racism. Others don’t deny it, but feel that discussions about race are either not significant or divisive. Others blame all their problem on racism. What is need for Muslims to pave a clear path so that people can uccessfully traverse through the American racial labyrinth.

People tend to fall into different categories when it comes to discussions on race (and I am going to dare to generalize):

1. African-Americans (both non-Muslims and many Muslims) who tend to get too emotional about the topic of race and don’t think objectively about the black condition and what is being done to them and what they are doing to themselves. Their tendency is to blame everything on racism, and never (or rarely) look at the self-inflicted damage black CULTURE is doing to them.

2. “Sincere” white liberals who are too hung up on guilt to be effectual. And they are too cowardly to stand up to the black apologists (anyway, if the white liberals did, they would be dismissed for being “racist).  Also, these people tend to harbor at least subliminially the racism of low expectations.  They won’t dare hold African-Americans up to the standards of North Asians or Jews (in terms of social mobility).

3. White conservatives who will say that blacks need to pull themselves up and stop begging for hand-outs, all the while pretending (or insisting) that racism doesn’t exist and that there aren’t nasty corporate/government (e.g., the legal system/social services) entities who perpetuate and profit from ghetto pathology.

4. The hardcore white racists—those who simply aren’t happy unless they have someone to hate (but these are people that i don’t think can be engaged in an intelligent manner for the most part).  And they are consciously aware that black men, in particular, pose a genetic threat to the ideology of white supremacy.

5. The frustrated whites. They are frustrated b/c they see the caustic nature of the pathological black underclass CULTURE and how harmful (and costly) it is to the society, but if they say the obvious, then they are attacked as “racists,” which further frustrates them and drives them into Camp #4.

6. The African-American non-Muslims who genuinely want to do better–who want an alternative to being either a low-life or an Uncle Tom Sell-Out. They see no alternative other than to being an “individual” while wanting to be part of a larger group doing what is right.

7. The second generation (2 Gen) immigrant Muslims, who have usually imbibed a good deal of this Cultural-Marxist mess. They feel a sympathy for black culture for its renegade and anti-establishment/anti-white racism sentiments, but are unable to separate that from the moral degeneracy of black CULTURE (b/c they are not processing things from the Sacred Law but from the emotional programming of the Cult-Marx propaganda).

8. The first generation (1 Gen) immigrant Muslim who don’t understand race and identity in America. They don’t understand that if you are white skinned but are a practicing Muslim—then you get your “white card” revoked; you are not part of the club. They tend to try to suppress any discussion on race, which…

9. …frustrates the conscious African-American Muslim convert who is told not to believe his lying eyes regarding the racism in the Muslim community. As one person, said, “I didn’t move from the back of the bus to be put at the back of the camel.” Unless he matures rapidly in the matters of the Deen, and concentrates on learning and obeying Allah, he may soon become disillusioned and might even abandon the Religion. Sadly, more often than not, there isn’t anyone to walk him through and explain what is going on with the various immigrant cultures at the mosques, which will further aid to his alienation.

With all that said, there is a need to discuss these matters forcefully and with clarity and with balance. It can be done, in-shaa’ Allah.

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One Response to My Rationale (An Overview)

  1. semsav12 says:

    8. and 9. gave an excellent dose of reality.

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