Quotation #60 (Of Submission)

Quotation 60 Of Submission

“Allah is the Owner (Lord) of everything and does not owe us anything.”


It is among essentials of the proper belief in the Creator that the Creator is not obligated with anything. The One Who originated and maintains and sustains the universe is not required to do anything for the creations. The one one who seeks salvation in the Afterlife must submit to this inescapable fact. The Creator does not owe us a morsel of food, a sip of water, or a breath of air. Whatever God grants us, it is from God’s Generosity, and it is not because it is a duty upon God.

It is among the worst of misconceptions of our times that many people think that if they “live a good life”—for instance, they don’t steal, rob, do drugs, or commit acts of mayhem—then they will be safe from all suffering in the Hereafter. This is in spite of what they may have believed or said about God.. The first and greatest obligation upon the accountable human being is not be nice to others. The first and greatest obligation is to believe properly in the Creator. It should be evident that since no thing is superior to God—and God is not inferior to anything—then this knowledge (of the proper understanding of God) is the greatest and most important knowledge. Knowing about God takes priority over knowing about anything else.

God, the Creator, is One with no partners or associates. The Creator knows everything and has power over all the creations. The Creator has no beginning or ending. The Creator is not subject to time or change and does not have an age. Since the Creator existed before the creations—before the existence of the Heavens and Earth, before time and space, before light and darkness—then it is known that the Creator does not need the creations. The Creator exists without being in a direction or distance. The Creator existed before the origination of Heaven and all other places—hence, the Creator is not in Heaven or in any other place. The Creator does not require space in order to exist.

The Creator absolutely does not resemble the creations. The Creator is not a material or spiritual being. The Creator does not have a size, shape, form, weight, or color. The Creator is not ascribed with motion or stillness. The Creator is not an object or image of any sort. Whatever one imagines, the Creator is totally different from that. The worship of idols, images, animals, “spirits,” humans, the phenomena of Nature, or the like is invalid. Our good deeds (as good is defined by the Sacred Law of the Creator) must be done with sincerity, that is, purely for the sake of God (and not for recognition from the people) to attain reward in the Afterlife.

Our Creator, the One Who brought us into being from mere body fluids, deserves to be worshiped. That worship begins by submitting to the proper belief in God. Furthermore, one must accept that God bestowed upon select, noble, dignified, wise and virtuous men Divine Revelation. These men are called “Prophets.” They called people to the same belief in God; and that is evident since God is Perfect and does not change, then the true belief in God does not change. The Prophets informed people about the Creator’s Divine Laws, and what actions would be to our benefit or detriment in both this temporary world and in the everlasting life of the Hereafter. In truth, all the Prophets were Muslims. They followed the religion of Islam.

Islam literally means “submission.” A person must submit to the fact that he (or she) has a Creator (in Arabic, the Name of God is “Allah”). The Creator does not owe us anything. We are God’s property, and God has the right to do with us whatever He (no gender intended) wills. Contrary to what many think, God is not obligated to do what is best for us. Any consideration of the nature of life would tell us that. We are born into difficulty; we feels pains in our birth and infancy; as we grow older, we are disciplined and punished; we are afflicted with illnesses and disease; unfulfilled desires, heartbreak and loss cause us more pain. Those whom we care about pass away, and we, too, shall inevitably die and be cut off from those whom we love. This is the nature of human existence. God created us and created everything else in existence. God is not obliged to do what is best for us.

If it had been as some think—that the Creator must do what is best for us—then we wouldn’t be in this world having to undergo the struggles that we inevitably must endure. If God were obligated to do what is best for us, then we would all be in Paradise and enjoying its bounties and bliss. We obviously are not, however, in Paradise.

Furthermore, the misconception that God is obligated to do what is best for us can easily lead a person to fall into atheism. When the person who initially has such a mindset encounters the inevitable difficulties and calamities of life—or sees others beset by disasters and catastrophes—they may object to God and feel that they have been betrayed (for they think that God must do what is best for them). This objection is itself blasphemy, but they may take their blasphemy even further. They may (erroneously) conclude that since God was suppose to do what is best for people (which is itself a false assumption), and the best isn’t happening, then there must not be a God.

The fact of the matter is that there is One Creator. Creations cannot create—they cannot bring themselves into being. Everything that exists other than God is created by God: pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, hope and despair, love and hate, virtue and evil are all creations. God created us and all the conditions we experience. The wise person surrenders to this reality. He (or she) turns his heart over to the fact that one cannot escape from God, and one cannot possibly win in a battle against God. The wise person submits to God and does not rebel against the One Who created him—and the entire universe.

Submission to God entails believing properly in God and believing properly in the Prophets whom God sent. Submission is perfected not merely by having the proper belief, but also having one’s body, mind, and heart comply with the Sacred Law of the Creator. The Sacred Law for humanity to follow now is the Divine Guidance that was revealed to the last Prophet of God, Muhammad. To truly follow Prophet Muhammad, which is part of submitting to God, one must be Muslim. One becomes Muslim by saying:

I bear witness nothing is worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

The one who submits to the Creator and obeys the Creator with perfect sincerity is guaranteed success. Such a person will be rewarded with pleasures and blessings that are beyond description or mortal comprehension. As for the one who rejects the call to submission to their Lord, such a person will fail to attain the support of God and will face the dreadful consequences of his choice.

May Allah guide us and make us among those who willingly and humbly submit to Allah, the Lord of all the Worlds.

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