A Sunni Responds to a Christian (part 2)


The problem here (in the discussion) stems from Christians thinking that the rationally impossible has the potential to exist. Just as “square circles” and “daughters giving birth to their own mothers” cannot exist under any circumstances, likewise, what is originated cannot become eternal (beginningless) under any circumstances. Things cannot be contrary to definition.

When one speaks of God they (should) mean the Eternal Creator of the Universe. The Creator was before the creations. The Creator is not dependent upon the creations. Hence, God is not in time or place, and is not a spatial entity. God has no shape, size, weight, motion or stillness, or location. The Eternal is not like the originated. To ascribe created characteristics to God, such as, being a body, or a “spirit,” or being inside of Heaven, or moving about would mean that one believes that originated characteristics are among the Attributes of the Eternal Creator. However, it should be clear that that which has originated attributes would itself be an originated being.

The core of Christian doctrinal absurdity is in its claim that the rationally impossible has the potential to exist. This is why they claim that a creation (Jesus) became the Eternal Creator. However, to claim that the rationally impossible has the potential to exist, then the Christian must admit a multitude of potential absurdities. If a creation has the potential to become beginningless, then words cease to have meanings.

Furthermore, to claim that God’s Power is related to that which is rationally impossible would mean—following the absurd line of Christian reasoning—that God could be transformed into the sun, or a mountain, or a river… or a mosquito… and could be crushed (a`udhu billah, may we be protected from believing all forms of blasphemy). One could claim (according to the absurd Christian doctrine) that it could be possible that God would create a multitude of superior “Gods,” who could subjugate the “original God.” If the Christian claims that, “Well, the Bible says…,” then, according to their belief in absurdities, then, it could be possible that God lied in the Bible* or lied about being God and on, and on, and on a long line of blasphemous absurdities.  (*Indeed, the Bible is a corrupt book and contains lies about God–which tells us that it is not genuine Divine Revelation.)

God gave us the faculty of reason, and with it we are able to discern truth from falsehood. The sound mind recognizes basic rules of reasoning, such as, the entirety must be larger than any given part, or that two opposite events can’t occur in the same place at the same time, or that a goat cannot be a dolphin—things can’t be contrary to definition. If the person fails to accept these basic premises, then it is not possible to have a logical debate with him (or her).

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