The Word “Allah” in the Bible

The Word “ALLAH” in the Bible

One of the absurd claims that i keep seeing from anti-Islamic Christian propagandists is the claim that the word “Allah” does not refer to the Creator. It should be clear (to any reasonable person) that the word used for the Creator would be different in various languages. Does any sensible expect that the Spanish speaking people of Mexico refer to the Creator as “God?” Similarly, it wouldn’t be expected that the Arabic speaking people of Egypt would use the Spanish word, “El Dios,” for God. In Arabic, the word “Allah” is used to refer to the Creator.

Furthermore, the word “Allah” means: “The God”—the One Who has the Power to create (that is, to bring things into being (humans don’t create, we merely “manipulate”)). Christians and Jews have been using the word “Allah” to refer to what they worship loooooong before English Christians were calling Jesus, “God.” Consequently, for those disingenuous Christian propagators and missionary types, who claim that the word “Allah” refers to the moon or some heathen object of worship are actually claiming that their Christians ancestors were guilty of paganism.

If one were to ask an Arabic speaking Jew or Christian: “What is the word used to refer to the Creator in the Arabic language?” They would say: “Allah.” Now there is a point that needs to be made clear. Simply using the Name “Allah,” to refer to the Creator does not mean the person has the correct belief in the Creator. To believe properly in God, one must understand what befits God and what does not befit God.

It is befitting to ascribe to God, Oneness (that is, there is only One Creator and the Creator is not an object potentially subject to composition or division). God is One also in the sense of being Unique. There is only One Creator and nothing is similar–AT ALL–to the Creator. The Creator is Eternal (Beginningless). Since the Creator existed before the creation, then we know the Creator is Transcendent (Free-of-Need). Before light and darkness, space, distance, or direction–before Heaven or Earth–there was a Creator. The Creator is not something that occupies space. The Creator exists without being in a place. The Creator knows everything and has power over all of the creations–but the Creator does not dwell amongst the creations. God is not a spatial entity. God is the Creator of space and does not occupy or need that which is created.

Although there are many people who use the word “Allah” to refer to the Creator–in reality, some of them do not have the proper understanding of who the Creator is. Hence, they ascribe to God non-befitting attributes, such as, exhaustion, dependency, similarities, and ignorance. The Creator is supremely clear of all defects. The one who ascribes defects to God would not–in reality–be a worshiper of God, but the worshiper of some real or imaginary creation. The Creator, however, is not like the creations. Whatever one imagines, the Creator is different from that.

In the following videos, two Jews explain that the word “Allah” is used by non-Muslims (Jews and Christians) to refer to what they worship. These videos do make the claims of the anti-Muslim Christian bigots look ridiculous.

One point regarding the second video: Muslims do not say that Muslims and Jews worship the same God (even if we both use the term “Allah”). Muslims say, for instance, that God is clear of becoming tired, or being inside of Heaven (God is the CREATOR of Heaven and all places; God exists without being in a location). Jews, however, say otherwise.

Also, here we have a clear image of the word “Allah” taken from the Christian Bible which says: “In the beginning God (ALLAH) created the Heavens and the Earth.”

The word "Allah" underlined in the Bible referring to the One Who created the Universe.

The word “Allah” underlined in the Bible referring to the One Who created the Universe.

The bigoted Christian propagandists are reduced to lies when talking about Islam.  They are willing to go to the point of calling the millions upon millions of Arab Christians (people who have been Christian long before the English speaking peoples) pagans and demon worshipers in an effort to prevent people in the West from investigating Islam with an open mind.  This reflects in the duplicity that dwells in their hearts and comes off their tongues.

The ultimate aim of religion (presumably) is to worship the Creator.  (Not) Strangely enough, these anti-Islamic bigots never clearly explain what Muslims believe about the Creator. Instead they invent outrageous lies, such as, claiming Allah is the so-called “moon god,” or an idol, or that Muslims worship the Ka`bah, and then they proceed to attack various practices in Islam (silent about the fact that for most of the time Jesus was on Earth, he observed the authentic Mosaic Law, which was stricter that the Sacred Laws revealed to Prophet Muhammad)—and this is all done to avoid talking about the Oneness and Perfection of the Creator, as believed by the Muslims.  The fact is one does not need to lie to discredit falsehood–but since the Christian propagandists cannot discredit the pure monotheism of Islam, they resort to lies and smear tactics to confuse the masses.  May Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, protect us from their calumny.

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  1. soleimane says:

    very nice : ( using the Name “Allah,” to refer to the Creator does not mean the person has the correct belief in the Creator ; (but) one must understand what befits God and what does not befit God)

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