Muslim Monotheism vs. Christian Trinitarianism

Having a sound understanding of Suratul-Ikhlas (Chpt. 112) would be a good start in understanding the Muslim Creed of Monotheism:

1. Say: [O Muhammad] Allah is ‘Ahad. (God is One without partners; God is Unique without a similarity; God is Indivisible, i.e., God is not an object or spatial entity composed of pieces or parts or dimensions).

2. Allah is AsSamad. (Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need any of the creations and all of the creations are dependent upon Allah—this includes time, space, distance and directions, which are all creations, and Allah does not need any of the creations.)

3. Allah does not give birth and was not born. (Allah is not a body from which things are derived or issue forth from; nor did Allah issue forth from something else—again, the Creator of space and time is not of space or time.)

4. Allah has no equal and is beyond compare. (Allah is CATEGORICALLY and ABSOLUTELY different from the creations. Allah is not something with a size, mass, location, age; Allah is not in motion nor is Allah in a state of stillness, for motion and stillness apply to those things that occupy space, and Allah is not a spatial entity. Allah existed before the Heavens and Earth, before distance and direction, before light and darkness. Allah is the CREATOR of everything, and does not—at all—need or resemble anything. Whatever one imagines, Allah is different from that!)

This is the Muslim belief in the Creator. A person fortified with such knowledge (and a particle’s weight of sincerity) would not, in-shaa’ Allah, start to believe that God had to become an infant, grow up and learn about the suffering that God Himself (no gender intended) created, and then commit suicide and deicide (that is the blasphemous belief that one could murder the Creator) so that God could gain the power to forgive the people for the sins that God created… all the while claiming that God is an offspring and a father of Himself (no gender intended) and a spirit (all of which are allegedly dwelling inside of Heaven (although, God existed before Heaven, created Heaven, and exists/always has existed without being in a place)). The Christians then go on to call this triune delusion “One God” (that is partly originated, composed of flesh, and is of three distinct entities).

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2 Responses to Muslim Monotheism vs. Christian Trinitarianism

  1. You forgot that there are christian monothiest

    • facetofloor says:

      I was talking about the standard Christian doctrine. I know that there are numerous heretical sects and subsects that have deviated from the tenets of the traditional churches. Those heretics still inherited their religion from the clearly polytheistic Christians, which means for the heretics that their sources for Christianity can’t be considered reliable.

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