Of the Bible (part 1)

In the Name of Almighty God

 “Let us reason together.” (Isaiah 1:16)

We hope by objectively presenting the facts, people will come to understand the nature of the Bible. God gave us minds to reason, and by using our minds, we can distinguish between truth and guidance from falsehood and misguidance. God-willing, after the facts have been presented, we hope that people would choose to do what is right.

Let it be said, that for the Bible to be the genuine “Word of God”, there needs to be external objective proofs to establish this claim. Common sense tells us that saying the Bible is the “Word of God” simply because it claims to be the “Word of God” leads to circular reasoning and does not prove anything. And if the Bible contains just one contradiction or a single addition or subtraction from the original texts, then it must not be considered the pure “Word of God”.

The Bible is composed of two sections: the Old Testament, which is an anthology that contains numerous books attributed to Prophets who lived thousands of years ago. And there is the New Testament, which is suppose to be the book containing the teachings of Jesus the Messiah.

The Biblical scholars of today are not sure of the authorship of the books of the Bible. And likewise, the Biblical scholars and Church Fathers of the past were unsure of the source of its contents. Origen (one of the early Church authorities) said of the Book of Hebrews: “God alone knows who wrote it.” The Encyclopedia Americana (vol. 3, page 658) says of the Old Testament: “Not a single book has come down to the present in its original autograph [handwritten] form.” The author goes on to say: “The purpose of textual criticism, therefore is to remove as many errors as possible from the present text and thereby recover the original text.” It should lead one to ask the question: If the original text is lost and no one knows what it contained, then how in the world could they expect to “recover the original text!?!”

For those who might object to secular sources of Biblical criticism, then it should be enough for a person to open up the Bible itself. In the appendix of today’s Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible, it says the identity of the authors of a dozen of the books in the Old Testament is either doubtful or unknown.

This is from a CHRISTIAN source, which admits that ONE THIRD of the books in the Bible anthology are of doubtful or unknown origin!

This is from a CHRISTIAN source, which admits that ONE THIRD of the books in the Bible anthology are of doubtful or unknown origin!

Furthermore there are the internal contradictions that indicate that the Old Testament cannot be the pure “Word of God”. Deuteronomy is allegedly written by Prophet Moses—but in the 34th chapter, it gives an account of Moses’ funeral! How could Moses be the witness to his own burial!?! And more serious are the horrendous things that the Old Testament says about God. In Genesis 3:8, the Bible claims that God was blind and ignorant and was looking for, but could not find, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And in Psalms 78:65, it says: “Then the Lord awaked as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man that shouteth by reason of wine.” How can the (alleged) “Word of God” ascribe degrading and blasphemous attributes to the All-Knowing Almighty Creator? Surely, the true Book of God does not.

The Old Testament contains other types of contradictions and discrepancies, as well. Among them is the contradiction regarding the age of Jehoiachim when he became king in II Chronicles 36:9 and that of II Kings 24:8. Likewise, is the contradiction regarding the number of men that David allegedly killed in II Samuel 10:18 and I Chronicles 19:18.

Isaiah 40:8 says that the Word of God remains forever and does not get lost. This verse alone stands as proof against the Bible itself. We have proven that the Bible has been changed, and since it has been changed, it cannot be the Word of God—something that the Bible itself explicitly admits.

God is One with no equal. God is Eternal with no similar. God is Perfect–God cannot be compared to a drunk. God knows everything–God is not ignorant of the whereabouts of any of the creations. God is Free-of-Need and does not rest or go through changes. God is not a body or a spirit, and God does not exist inside of anything. God exists without time or place, distance or direction. God is not in Heaven. God is not inside of us. God is not an image in the mind. God is not in all places, for God created all the places—but God knows about everything everywhere without occupying a place. This is the Muslim belief regarding Almighty God.

Furthermore, Muslims believe that God sent Prophets to guide people to the Straight Path. All the Prophets were men of outstanding character who called the people to worship and obey God. God is Perfect and does not change and the true belief in God does not change. God is One and there is one true religion of God. That religion is the Religion of Islam.

As we can see, the Divine Message of the Prophets mentioned in the Old Testament (and in the New Testament) has been altered. Prophet Muhammad came to clarify the confusion caused by people following corrupted scriptures. God gave Prophet Muhammad hundreds of miracles to prove that he is a genuine Prophet of God. God also gave him the Holy Qur’an—the greatest of miracles. The Qur’an cannot be imitated in its style or beauty. The Qur’an is in its original form and not a word has been changed since the time of Prophet Muhammad 1,400 years ago—and this is a rigorously documented fact.

As with all the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad was truthful in all that he conveyed from Allah (“Allah” is the name of the Creator in the Arabic language). Prophet Muhammad informed people about the Divine Laws that should be followed if one wishes to be safe in the Hereafter. Prophet Muhammad informed us about prayer and fasting, good manners and other acts of devotion to God. Prophet Muhammad informed us about the events of the Hereafter, such as, the questioning in the grave, the Resurrection and Day of Judgment, Hellfire and Paradise. The one who wishes to be successful in this life and more importantly, in the Hereafter, must be a Muslim. A person becomes Muslim by saying and believing:

I bear witnesses nothing is worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

After becoming Muslim one should seek to learn about Islam from qualified teachers who can instruct one about the various acts of worship so that one can fulfill his or her obligations to God.

We ask Allah to guide us to the acceptable deeds and to grant us a safe departure from this world to the Hereafter. And Allah knows best!

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One Response to Of the Bible (part 1)

  1. Reda says:

    Ma Sha’ Allah, It’s helpful to have lectures in such a topic. Many Muslims lack of knowledge in these type of field !

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