Of the Bible (part 3)

Of the Bible (part 3)

In the name of Almighty God

The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.”

We will attempt to present to the public the background concerning the most popular version of the English Bible, the King James Version. The fact of the matter is that many people who follow the Bible have little idea about its history. For one, there is the vast expanse of time between Jesus and the time of King James—1,600 years, as a matter of fact. Before the King James version of the Bible went to the printing press, many different Bibles were already spread and amongst the people claiming to follow Jesus.

Let us go back in history. Jesus walked the Earth two thousand years ago. After God made Jesus ascend alive and safe to the Heavens, the followers—or alleged followers—of Jesus did not have a consensus on what Jesus taught or even who Jesus was. Some rightfully said that Jesus is a human being and Prophet of God—others claimed that Jesus was actually God or God’s supposed flesh and blood offspring.

Jesus taught his companions in the Syriac language (a dialect of Aramaic)—yet, the oldest New Testaments are in Greek. The early books that circulated about Jesus, likewise, did not agree with one another. Those books had different ideas concerning the nature of Jesus–and not all of them were claiming that Jesus is God or the son of God.

In the year 325 C.E., Constantine, the Roman Emperor, held the Council of Nicea. At that time, Constantine was not even a Christian, but was a pagan seeking power and control. However, he oversaw a council that determined which books would go into the Bible, and also, at this council, this pagan determined that the trinity would be the official Christian doctrine.

In 380 C.E. Theodosious made the trinity the official Christian doctrine of the decadent Roman Empire. Those people who did not accept the trinity, but said Jesus is a human and righteous Prophet were ruthlessly persecuted and killed by the Roman rulers. In the 400’s with the fall of the Roman Empire, the lights went out—and Europe lapsed into its dark ages. For nearly one thousand years Europeans lived in a general state of ignorance and filth and virtually every aspect of life was controlled by the Catholic Church.

In 1517 Martin Luther (of Germany) wrote a paper objecting to some of the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church did not tolerate any disagreements with its agenda of mass control and manipulation and did not take Martin Luther’s objections lightly. Forced to flee for his life, Martin Luther ended up starting Protestantism and the so-called church Reformation. For a thousand years—until the time of Luther–Catholicism and Christianity were virtually two-in-the-same in Western Europe. There were no Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Quakers, Calvinists, so-called COGICs or Jehovah Witnesses. One was either a Catholic or risked his life and getting burnt at the stake as a heretic.

In 1534 Henry VIII of England, too, broke away from the Catholic Church. When the Pope refused to give King Henry a divorce from his wife, Catherine of Aragon, Henry decided to start his own church in the name, not of Jesus, but in the name of English nationalism. His church was called the Anglican Church. In order to give this new church some legitimacy in the eyes of the gullible masses, the English kings wanted to have their Bible translated into English. Prior to this time, Church services in England (and most of Europe) were conducted in Latin—a language that only the Christian clergy could understand. The congregations could not read the Latin Bibles and could not understand the language of the Catholic ceremonies (and keep in mind that the vast majority of the Europeans could not read and write their native language, much less, Latin).

Although not the first version of the English Bible, the King James VERSION (the word “version” should tell us that there is more than one rendition of the Bible in circulation) published in 1611 became the most popular. “Yet the King James Version has grave defects…. [T]hese defects are so many and so serious as to call for revision of the English translation.” so says the Revised Standard Version of the Bible on page iii. Any person wishing to see the corruption of the Bible only needs to read the Preface to the Revised Standard VERSION (RSV), and find that the Biblical scholars ADMIT that the King James Version (KJV) is a corrupt and inaccurate book. That is why they contrived a NEW VERSION!!!

For example, the Biblical basis for the trinity is found in a single verse–1 John 5:7, which says: “There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” However, Biblical authorities admit that this verse cannot be found in any Greek manuscripts written before the 1400’s. And what did the RSV do about this doubtful verse? They completely omitted it—without a footnote or any other explanation! And to intentionally deceive the people regarding this missing Biblical verse, they split the following verse into two verses—in order to keep the same number of verses in the RSV as the KJV.

The Biblical version of Jesus’ ascension is mentioned only in two places in the Bible. (Mark 16:19 and Luke 24:51). However, in the RSV 1952 (the Revised Version itself has at least three versions printed since 1881) ends Mark 16 at verse 8! The rest of the chapter is put in a footnote—and the footnotes in the Bible are not considered actually part of the Biblical text—or alleged “Word of God”.

Another curious aspect of the KJV can be found in Psalms 46. If one counts in 46 words from the beginning of this chapter, one gets the word “shake”. And if one goes to the end of this chapter and counts back 46 words, one gets the word, “spear”. Considering the fact that Shakespeare was forty-six years of age at the time of the writing of the King James Version, and that ciphers (code writings) were a common practice at the time, it seems that Shakespeare may have very well contributed to the writing of the Bible.

Strangely enough, the Bible curses those who would tamper with it (Revelations 22:18-19), yet the Bible has many passages that have been taken out or added to it—and we are only talking about the English versions. Considering that the oldest Greek manuscripts themselves do not agree with each other (and they, too, have many different versions), it is evident that Isaiah 40:8, which claims that the Word of God can not be changed, demonstrates that the Bible testifies to its own falsehood. 

Also, one should keep in mind that the Catholic Bible has in its anthology seventy-three books, while the Protestant Bible accepts only sixty-six.  Now given that the Protestants took their religion from the Catholics, they are saying, in essence: “The deviants and heretics whom received the Bible from did not know what books belong in this anthology–they tampered with the [allegedly] untouched Holy Book of God.”  The Protestants, in other words, are admitting that the Bible did not reach them through a reliable source.  Furthermore, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Ethiopian Church, and the Syrian Orthodox Church all have different Bibles from the Protestants and Catholics (and by different Bibles, we don’t mean only different translations derived from different sources, the number of books in their Bibles differ).

Praise be to God for Islam! The Muslims have the only authentic and untampered Scripture, the Holy Qur’an. Muslims believe in One Almighty All-Knowing Creator Who absolutely does not need or resemble the creations. God is not inside of anything and is certainly not inside of us or in our imaginations. God is not a body or spirit and exists without place or time. The Creator does not change. Prophet Muhammad came 1,400 years ago to renew the call to the belief in the Oneness and Perfection of God (Allah is the name of God in Arabic). God gave Prophet Muhammad many miracles to prove that he is a genuine Prophet. For one to be saved in the Hereafter, one must believe in his Message and become a Muslim by simply saying:

I bear witnesses nothing is worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

We ask Allah to guide us to the acceptable deeds and to grant us a safe departure from this world to the Hereafter. And Allah knows best!

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