A Brief Lesson

You are invited to a short lesson on Islam. Islam is the religion of the Muslims. According to statistics, Muslims number over a billion worldwide. Islam literally means “submission”, and in the religious context, Islam means surrender to the Orders of Almighty God. A person becomes Muslim by saying: “I bear witness nothing is worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

Muslims believe that there is One Creator (“Allah” is the name of the Creator in the Arabic language) who is deserving of worship. The Creator is Eternal and Everlasting. God does not change—God is as God was. The Creator existed before the creations and is not dependent on anything. God does not resemble any of the creations in any way whatsoever. God is not an object or an image—the Creator is not a material or spiritual being. God exists without being in dimensions or directions. God is not contained by anything, and God exists without a place. Whatever one imagines, the Creator is greater. God has power over all of the creations and knows everything. Nothing occurs except by God’s Will.

God sent many Prophets throughout history to call people to obey God. God is One, and there is only one true Belief in God. God is Eternal and does not change and the true Belief in God does not change. Among the Prophets were Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. In truth, they all had the same belief in God and followed the same religion—the Religion of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad came some 1,400 years ago to renew the call to Islam. As with all the Prophets, God gave Prophet Muhammad miracles to prove to the people that he is a genuine Prophet of God. By the Will of God, Prophet Muhammad healed the sick and injured in extraordinary ways; he had the miracle of bounty; he made the dry wells fill with water; Prophet Muhammad foretold of future events with astounding accuracy. God gave him the Holy Qur’an—the greatest of miracles.

Prophet Muhammad taught about the events of the Hereafter, such as, the questioning in the grave, the torture or pleasure therein, the Resurrection and gathering of the people and their being brought into account for what they did in this world. Prophet Muhammad taught about the ultimate destination for the human being, which is either Paradise for the Muslims, or Hellfire for the disbelievers.

Prophet Muhammad instructed the people with profound wisdom and led by his exceptional example. He showed people how to strive for human excellence by placing obedience and sincerity to God first and foremost in their lives. Prophet Muhammad showed the way to righteousness through prayer and fasting, generosity to others and contentment with what God has given. Prophet Muhammad brought the light of knowledge to a world drowning in sin and idolatry.

In our society obsessed with materialism, many people behave as if they are not going to die. The fact of the matter is that we are not going to be here in this world for long, and our death-time is hidden from us. The wise person would make every possible effort to find the Truth and follow it. The Truth is that God is One with no equal; God is Eternal with no similar. Prophet Muhammad is a Prophet and he performed miracles. God gave us Divine Laws by which to conduct our lives both in public and in private.

The person who obeys God will be a winner in this life and the Hereafter, and the one who rejects the Oneness and Perfection of God will be met with failure and be consumed by an everlasting torture in the Afterlife. The beginning of guidance is by becoming Muslim by saying: “I bear witness nothing is deserving of worship except Allah, and I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” After becoming Muslim one should seek to learn about Islam from qualified teachers who can instruct one about the various acts of worship so that one can fulfill his or her obligations to God.

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