Got into a spat with these Hadith-Rejectors/Anti-Scholarship deviants.  Their method is empty.  They claim that the Hadith (as an entirety—not talking about a particular Hadith) and Islamic scholarship are categorically unreliable.

They were told:

1. The Hadiths were transmitted by the same people who transmitted the Qur’an.

2. They claimed that the Qur’an says that Allah will preserve it (which is true).  They were told how do YOU know the Qur’an has been preserved—how do YOU know that such verses were not added after the fact? (Clearly, I (with a capital “I”) am not saying that the Qur’an has been changed–i am showing that they can’t prove that it wasn’t.)  I explained that it would be circular reasoning to say: “The Qur’an is from Allah because it says so.”

They went on to say that there is no other Islamic text like it.  They were told how do YOU know that?  (Again, i am not saying that there are other books like the Qur’an—i was trying to establish that they are going to have to reference someone or something beyond the Qur’an to try to objectively prove their point.  Along this line, i was waiting for one of them to say that the Qur’an could not be equaled by the poets, orators, rhetoricians, or writers of the time… but again—how would THEY know that.)

3.  It was explained to them that their method leaves the Muslims defenseless against the attack of anti-Muslim bigots or people who are genuinely seeking and want answers to their questions.  It is a logical question for a seeking person to ask: “Muslims say that the Qur’an has been preserved.  How do you know that?”

For us (meaning, Sunni Muslims), this not difficult to answer.  We explain its inimitable miraculous nature; the disbelieving pagan Arabs, although tremendously proud of their oratory and poetic skills could not match it–although they were challenged.  Instead of simply “discrediting” the Qur’an (which they couldn’t), the Arab pagans risked their properties, lives, and tribal “honor” in fighting the Prophet and his followers.  How do we know that this happened?  Because the MUSLIM SCHOLARS reported such (and these are the same people who preserved and transmitted the Qur’an and the Hadith).

4.  It was asked of them, how do they read the Qur’an without the consonantal points (dots on the letters), and how do they read the Qur’an without the harakaat (vowelling)?  Who taught them how to read such Qur’ans?  And who taught the ones they learned from?  And from where did they get such Qur’ans?

What this sect is claiming is that ALL THE MUSLIMS for ______________ centuries (at least twelve or thirteen centuries) did not actually know what the Prophet taught–or they knew what he taught, but they intentionally concealed, distorted, or altered what the Prophet taught.  Such people, clearly, can’t be considered reliable.  So if the people from whom they (the Hadith-Rejectors) received their “religion” (which in reality is NOT Islam) were not reliable, then they are professing that what they are following is not reliable.  (Kinda like what the Protestants claim: their sect started 1,500 years after Jesus was on earth; they stole their religion from the Catholics—but then turn around and labeled the Catholics ignoramuses, heretics, and blasphemers.)

Among the responses i received is that we don’t need to make the religion complicated and we should “just have faith” (and ignore the proofs that would explain and clarify the questions posed).  As a rule, the Hadith-Rejectors are a VERY arrogant group of people who wish to indulge in their desires.  They don’t want to humble themselves and sit down and learn the Deen in the proper manner, but rather think highly of themselves as “great thinkers in Islam.”

May Allah guide us, make us learned and make us humble.

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