Gems of Jannah


The Incomparability of Allah

“Do not liken Allah unto anything.” (An-Nahl, 74)

“The Creator does not resemble the creations.”
(Abu Hanifah, Fiqhul-Akbar)

“Knowing you are incapable of imagining Allah is knowledge in itself.
Attempting to fathom Allah’s Reality is disbelief and paganism.”
(Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq, Al-Basit)

“Ponder the creations of Allah; do not attempt to ponder Allah’s Reality.”
(Ibn `Abbas, Al-Asma‘u WasSifat)

“Whatever you imagine in your mind, Allah is different from that.”
(Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, `Aqidah Ahmad)

The Eternality of Allah

“Allah was [existing before the creations] and there was nothing else.”
(Hadith of the Prophet)

“Change is the greatest indication of being a creation.”
(Al-Junayd Al-Baghadadi)

“Allah is Beginningless with no start; Allah is Everlasting with no end.”
(Abu Ja`far AtTahawiyy, Al-`Aqidah)


The Destining of Allah

“Verily, Allah created everything according to His Destining*.”
(Al-Qamar, 49)

“Whatever Allah has willed to be shall be, and whatever Allah has not willed to be shall not be.”
(Hadith of the Prophet)

“Allah does whatever He wills.  Allah has the Power to do whatever He wills.”
(Ibn `Asakir, The Murshidah Creed)

The Transcendence of Allah

“Allah is supremely clear of all boundaries, extremities, sides, organs, organs, appendages, and instruments.  None of the six directions contain Allah, as is the case with all originated beings.”
(AtTahawiyy, Al-`Aqidah)

“Allah was [existing before the creations] and place was not, and Allah is as He was.”
(Imam `Aliyy, Al-Farqu Baynul Firaq)

“Allah is is sublimely clear of being in a location and Allah is impervious to the alterations of time.”
(Muhammad Al-Makkiyy, The `Aqidah of Salahud-Deen [Al-Ayyubiyy])

“The Creator of the universe is Allah who is attributed with Oneness, Beginninglessnes, Life, Omnipotence, Knowledge, Hearing, Seeing, Willing. Allah is not a bodily property, nor a spatial entity, nor an indivisible particle.  Allah is not something formed, or limited, or enumerated. Allah does not have parts or composition, nor a limit [because Allah is not attributed with a shape, size or dimensions]. Allah is [absolutely] not attributed with a likeness or resemblance to the creation, nor is Allah established in a place nor subject to time. Nothing is like Allah and nothing escapes Allah’s Knowledge and Power.”

     (Najumud-Deen An-Nasafiyy, `Aqidah An-Nasafiyyah)

[*The use of the masculine pronouns in reference to Allah do not imply that Allah is a male being.  Allah is not a body and does not have a physical gender.]

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