Brother Ali vs. White Supreamcy part 12 (Another Side Note)

Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 12

Another (self-professed) white guy jumped into the thread. He probably dismissed the idea that Egypt had a black population, and then it seems he made a snide remark about contemporary black culture.


You are missing the point here–well, at least my point. All i want to do is set the matter straight: the people of Egypt are a multi-ethnic/racial group of people today and have been for a looooooooooong time. Those “multi-ethnic” folks would have been sitting on the back of the bus here in the US 50 years ago. It simply is inaccurate historically to say that black people were not a significant factor in the development of Egyptian civilization. It is not delusional to say: black folks were in Egypt. To say otherwise is delusional, and it is simply a lie. As DuBois said, we can do away with this racial categorization stuff if we wish, but we cannot keep calling black people “white” (as in the case with Egypt).

If someone were on this board claiming (and insisting) that JFK was actually a from Mongolia, i would probably take the time out to correct him as well. Learning history can be inspiring–that is why they teach it to you guys, and that is why we have to sit thru years and years of indoctrination listening to how much the white race has achieved, while on the other hand, black history begins when we got off the slave ships. Honestly, how much Chinese history/civilization did you learn in high school (maybe a chapter or two)? We are talking about a vast and continuous civilization and culture that has been around for more than 3000 years. Why are we taught so little of it, but so much about the Greeks/Romans/Renaissance/U.S. history? That’s because it is part of the cultural and historical legacy of most of the people in the country–it reinforces a sense of Western (read: “white”) pride.

Personally, i don’t mind learning about the Greeks and Romans or Western history. I have my share of classics (i mean that facetiously–i mean Greco-Roman classics), and i am studying Latin (missed it in high school). We shouldn’t pretend, however, that the West (meaning, white folks) is the only culture on earth that ever did anything.

On the bling-bling tip, i don’t have anything to do with that or ghetto-slum culture. Not my world and not my value system–i don’t do drugs (liquid, solid, or gaseous), rob or murder, fornicate, or listen to rap music. I will agree with you that black people–meaning what has come to represent the predominant culture–need to make a lifestyle change. So your critique of (contemporary) black culture has merit, as does my critique of claiming that the Ancient Egyptians were “white.”

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