Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy part 10

Brother Ali vs. White Supremacy

The conversation got turned around to the “race” of the Ancient Egyptians. My position (although i didn’t state it at first) is that Egypt has been a melting pot of cultures and colors FOR EONS. However, given that you still have VERY BLACK people living in the southern third of the country, and MANY of the Egyptians (especially those outside of the metropolitan areas) have what they used to call “mulatto” features, in spite of NUMEROUS occupations/invasions by clearly fairer skinned people (Greeks/Romans/Arabs/Turks) indicates that in the ancient past that the Egyptian population was “blacker” then than now. Also, given–to my knowledge–that Egypt did not have a racial apartheid system, then there was nothing preventing people of different colors intermarrying… and such people are not called “white” here in America.

Anyway, i intentionally posted images of Nubians (as being Egyptians). Sam fell for it:

A Nubian-Egyptian wedding

A Nubian-Egyptian wedding

Some more “Brand Nubians:”


To Sam i say:

“I was in Egypt a few years ago–people thought i was a native Egyptian. Do you know what the people look like in Egypt today?”

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